This is an outfit from a few days ago. A part of my "adding color back" regimen. I wish the weekends were longer, just so i can lay in bed for one whole day and catch up on sleep...even though technically that's impossible.

Warm weather where are you???
I'm tired of layering and layering some more to keep warm. I seem to have run out of steam... maybe its the weather, or school or never feeling like I've slept enough or maybe i'm just ready for spring break....its probably a combination of all of those things.
Anyway, I've decided that since i'm eagerly anticipating the arrival of spring's warmth,I've decided to just start getting myself ready for spring,regardless of the weather. I've started by unpacking my shorts and decided to wear this pair since they haven't graced the blog yet.

When i left home, i was immediately reminded that as much as i wanted it to be springtime, its still winter.... Thankfully, i did warm up after a few minutes of jumping...

Sweater- Poof excellence, shorts- oldnavy, tights and bag-target, coat- urban outfitters
More pictures from this past weekend. It was refreshingly warm, so of course i brought out a dress. One of my favorite dresses, just because its so frilly and pretty and i can easily add color to it. And i always do.I also decided to dust off the lowest heels in my closet. I bought them for the color, the unusually shape of the heel and the ankle strap, but quickly lost interest because of the low heel height.
I'm off to go bury my head in 3 books...i have 3 exams the epic battle between school and me, right now, i think school is winning...anyone else READY for spring break??

dress- Rave from a while back, Sweater- poof excellence, tights-target, shoes- Anne Michelle
This past few days, the weather....gorgeous. This outfit is from Friday, right as it was starting to warm up. I'm incredibly over layered, as i hate being cold, so i like to err on the side of too much.
Outfit-wise, i wanted to play with colors and patterns a little bit, so i skipped the expected all-black sweater and paired the patterned gray/black/white one with my striped dress and gray anorak. My pink pashmina and bag add my ever present pop of color.I love being in this striped dress, just cause its so versatile...go here and here to see how i've worn it in the past.
This weekend was simple and easy and while I would love to be able to say that i got a lot of things accomplished this weekend, in all honesty, i didn't. I spent the weekend catching up on sleep and playing outside in the gorgeous weather. I will resume my usual weekend antics next weekend.
Anyway, here's to a fantastic week to us all.
Happy Monday!!

anorak jacket and bag-target, dress-newport news, boots-bakers, sweater-goodys
I've missed being in color these past few days.So I'm making a conscious effort to add color back, this time though, I'm starting with my coat. It belongs to my mother and it kept me incredibly warm, so i'm thinking about holding onto for the rest of winter. Also, not gonna lie, it was kinda nice to be a little colorful among the sea of dark colored coats. I'm really looking forward to the weather this weekend, its supposed to be gorgeous.
Also, my top is a tunic dress, that I've tucked in strategically and worn as a shirt. I didn't want to wait till spring time to wear the dress again. You can go here to see how i wore it last time.

Coat- Mom, Dress worn as top- Target, Jeans -F21
These past few days have been ridiculously cold. I've been in some variation of this attire for the past few days...substituting sweaters for blazers but always keeping the central long sleeved shirt with assorted neck decorations.
I'm so thankful to the people around me, who keep me sane by keeping me laughing.

Blazer- anthro, sweater and jeans- F21, bag- target, Boots
Aaargh, school and this weather have tag-teamed and left me with verrrry little time for much else.I haven't been taking pictures or doing much blogging as of late.Bear with me, somehow i've taken on some additional activities so i'm still working out my time schedule. I promise i'm working on posting more regularly...
In the meantime, with all this rain and snow we've gotten in Ga lately, i am growing increasingly ready for some warmer weather. I'm setting a goal to make something pretty before spring arrives. My inspiration comes from The Fashion Show winner Anna McCraney and her line Annabelle.
Aren't these lovely??
Hope you guys had a love filled weekend, here's to an even better week!

For more of the designer's work, click here
Happy Monday!!!
It was sunny but sooo cold this weekend. I braved this outfit out for lunch with my siblings because it was a Very quick walk to my car. My top is a leopard print dress tucked in loosely on the sides. Still rocking my "1950s' style retro shades which happens to kinda match my dress as its leopard print too.

Sisley Blazer and dress-thrifted, jeans-f21, shoes-Joey O
The weather girl on CBS 46 cautioned that this would be the last bit of sunlight we'd get for the next few days.
So out came a dress, and tights and my new favorite sunglasses all wrapped up in my purple coat. The dress is a thrift find that i've worn a few times as a top.The tights and necklace i think are from target.And the sunglasses are from wetseal.

This week is already off to a better start than last week. Thank the Lord.
The good: i'm keeping up with my class work, i'm decidedly getting more involved on campus and i'm reading for leisure again..(my inner nerd is ridiculously estatic)
The not so good: i haven't done any kind of workout activity other than walking back and forth to my classes...I want to be fit but it seems like i can't find the time...gotta work out something.
Monday is now the busiest day of the week for me, so i definitely played it very comfortablely. My loud and eye-catching Dunks that make me smile whenever i look down are my favorite part of my outfit.i mixed with a simple graphic t-shirt and my favorite scarf this winter.

Shirt and Jeans-F21, Shoes-Nike Dunks, Scarf-Gift
Happy Mondays Guys!
Let me start off by offering immense appologies for not posting at my normal schedule and just disappearing for days. This past week has been one of the most hectic and stressful weeks ever.I felt like i was juggling a thousand things and was barely keeping up. But, with my favorite duo (trusty planner and blackberry) this week should be much, much better.
Onto my outfit.
This is one of the most random purchases i've ever made,even from a thriftstore. And i still love it as much today, as the first day i bought it.Everything about it..from the fringed edges to the squared pattern,all mixed with flashes of silver. Last time i wore it, i called it a cape...i've now decided its a poncho.

Cape-thrifted, jeans- Dots, Shoes- Charlotte Russe