How do you wear your navy colored clothing?

shirt - xoxo, skirt- anthropologie, shoes- promise
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P.S: thanks Morris for helping me come up w/ the title :-)
I’ve become very determined to make my clothes work double duty. My “top” is a figure hugging dress that I’ve had for quite a while. I’ve always loved it for its graphic line patterns that play with the eye.I paired it with my skirt to make it more office appropriate. This is such a great day to night look for me because I’m dressed to go to work, but with the removal of the skirt and a change of shoes, I’ll be set for an evening out with friends. Too bad I’ll be studying into the night for an econ final.

Skirt- f21, Shoes- bcbg, belt-dots
Stone Cherrie is a well-known South African fashion house, created by Nkhensani Mangayi to celebrate the emerging urban fashion scene in South Africa. The line merges African fashion with south africa's black history.
These are some of the pieces of their Spring/Summer 09 collection. As always, i'm a sucker for colorful dresses, fun prints and easy outfits. I want one. Enjoy!!

Photos courtesy of Mimi Online Magazine
Happy Monday everybody!!
No Black Mondays' post today because its gotten warmer, so i'll probably leave the all-black ensembles alone for a bit. My weekend was spent working,studying and playing with my hair and coming up with various ways to wear it. My finals exams are this week so my postings may become sporadic.
I'm thinking of making flowers my new signature. Especially with the onset of spring,you can't go wrong with a flower in your hair right?

shirt- petite sophisticate ,skirt-old navy, shoes-go jane, bag- franchesca boutique
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The weather in Ga has been absolutely gorgeous these last few days and so i figured this was the right time to break out the shorty short dresses, as well as my afro. I love the freedom that comes with rocking my fro.i don't have to worry about the wind messing it up during car rides and things like that. My only problem is that i'm extremely lazy when it comes to my hair, and i always run out of cute things to do with my it. I'm going to make more of an effort this summer. But today's theme was to be carefree, i think i accomplished that.

Saving this sequinned blouse for the holiday season or for some festive occasion seemed like a waste of clothing. Especially since this blouse adds a spring to my step even if its just to see the reflections of the sequins as they dance in the sunlight. I paired it my gray cargo jacket to tone down the flashy sequins of the blouse. I originally thought i'd have difficulty finding things to pair with this gray cargo jacket, but its quickly becoming a favorite.

Blouse-thrifted, Skirt-old navy, Shoes-Bakers
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Sunny spring days make me want to wear light dresses but when its still a bit too cold for dresses, light pastel colors are the next best thing. I was kinda iffy about the shoulder pads but i figured i'd give the blazer a trial run before deciding whether or not to cut them out.the shoulder pads grew on me, but i ended up cutting them out half way thru the day. Nice and easy outfit for me to run errands in.

blazer-thrifted, jeans-f21, shoes-Michael Antonio
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Happy Monday Everyone!!
Welcome to another edition of Black Mondays, this time, the focal point is my new favorite scarf from Kim, and my pink peep-toed pumps. I’m realizing that I have quite the collection of black shirts which I guess is good as most of them get numerous chances to shine because of Black Mondays. And this scarf is working as the most comfortable bracelet ever.
I’m gearing up for the crazy busyness that comes with the end of the school semester. I’m not looking forward to the slew of finals approaching, however I am looking forward to being done with a few classes. Especially disrespect intended to those who love it though.

Jacket-B's Closet, Black T-shirt-Target, Pants-Dots, Shoes-Aerosoles, Scarf-gift from Kim
*for those who wanted to know, the necklace is from f21
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I decided to wear my vertically striped men's button-down to work, so i paired it with some tailored cropped pants from Anthropologie. I was definitely very comfortable today. Which came in very handy because i sat in traffic for two hours before arriving at school.
A few readers have mentioned or rather asked me how comfortable my shoes are, with questions like " do you really wear your heels all day? " My answer is yes for 2 reasons: the first is because i actually run in each of my shoes (in the shoe store) before i buy them; and yes, i do embarass my shopping partners from time to time because i prance around and jump in my heels to assure that they will not cut into my feet 5-10 mins of wearing them. Secondly, i have an office job that allows me to stay off my feet most of the time. And these shoes especially, happen to be the most comfortable pair of heels i own.

shirt and gold belt-thrifted, pants-anthropologie, sandals-bakers
The ASA (African Student Assoc.) at my school had a Fashion Show, and of course i had to go. Except, my camera was uncharged (of all the days) and died 2 mins into the show. There were some student designers there with some pretty impressive pieces, unfortunately, i cannot show them to you.
I'm wearing a dress i made with the bottom piece of cloth from one of my native outfits(the wrapper from a buba outfit). Unfortunately, the only pics i have of it came out a bit blurry. I will find better pictures. Or a better camera.

I spent last night working on a paper for my business law class, so this morning's outfit had to come together with ease in order for me to make it to my 8am class on time. I'm wearing the dress from this post, with one of my favorite springy skirts with tights because its still freezing in the mornings. I kinda get a bit excited whenever i discover different ways to wear my clothes.

sisley blazer, dress(worn as shirt) and skirt-thrifted, tights- target, shoes-michael antonio
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No matter how much i long to be an ebay hunter so that i can show off my cyber loot, i'm too apprehensive to try it. I was badly scarred by my first foray into online purchasing. A friend of mine wanted to buy an ipod off ebay and she convinced me to try it out as well. As you may have guessed, she received her order within a week. I on the other hand, never received my order,i even had to file a claim with Ebay and after a grueling 3months of proving i paid for the ipod, i finally received 75% of my money.
When i spotted a tulip skirt online @ F21, I searched high and low for it in all the F21 stores i could find. I wouldn't buy it off the F21 site because I 'm still unconvinced about making purchases online, especially clothing. Call me old-fashioned, but i've been duped one too many times. So you can imagine my excitement when i saw it at Target. I attached my newly thrifted brooch for a touch of random.

Shirt and Jacket-F21, Skirt-Targt, Tights-CVS, boots-A.E for Payless, brooch-thrifted
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I celebrated my Easter day as well as my dad's birthday in this 50's styled springy frock. After the Easter Service, the family stopped by a local park for an impromptu photoshoot before heading home to enjoy a feast to celebrate my dad's birthday. Add food,family,laughter, random song outbursts and people speaking loudly over each other to be heard at the dinner table and you end up with good times.
The dress came with a matching belt, but i took it off and used my blue one instead for a bit of an updated look.

Dress,purse and belt- thrifted, Shoes-F21
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I've been a bit under the weather, but i will resume posting soon. I just wanted to wish everyone a great weekend and a Happy Easter!

The story of Easter is a story of God's ultimate gift of love to Mankind!
Happy Easter Everyone!!
The sun is back out, and we're on our way to warmer weather.I'm soo glad because warmer means less layers. I was out thrifting a while back, and found this grayish/silver blouse. I like the simple color and the ladylike shape of it but i'm wearing it backwards today.
I should have gone to bed early last night because for once i did not have papers or reading to do. But instead, i was up reading Maximum Ride by James Patterson late into the night. I recommend this book for adventure lovers...i can't put it down!

blouse-thrifted, jacket-too long to remember, pants-Dots,boots-target,
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