This is what i wore out to dinner with a few of my friends. We went to Luckie Lounge and it was such a feast for the eyes and the stomach, which is always a plus. I should have taken pictures of the decor and the yummy food, but i was a bit preoccupied so it didn't occur to me till later on. It also did not occur to me to take pics of my dress without my jacket because by the time my jacket came off, i was more concerned with getting my dance on than with taking pics. We ate and then danced (it becomes a nightclub on weekends) and had a fantastic time. We ended the night by heading over to a Carribean spot to dance the remainder of the night away to some hip-hop, reggae and SOCA!! I usually don't post pics of my night-time gear because i want minimum fuss and freedom to move when i go out (to dance) so my outfits are usually very laid back, but in the spirit of chronicling my 21st birthday events i figured, why not. Its usually a variation of this uniform :a pair shorts , a shirt and a pair of heels .

Dress-f21, blazer-sisley,red clutch-thrifted, red flower-target, shoes-bakers

gray tank-target, green shorts- so long i've forgotten, shoes- bakers
Picture credits go to the Manfriend!

Happy Monday Everyone and welcome to another edition of black Mondays. I’m still recovering from my weekend, so this outfit combo was just too easy to pass up. I decided to top off the usual all black with this beautiful off-white dapper blazer and off white peep toe pumps.Here's hoping for an easier week than last week :-)
P.S: Thank you again to all you kind and lovely bloggers who stopped by to wish me a happy birthday. My goal is to stop by each and every one of your blogs to thank you personally. I'm going to resume posting and commenting normally, but be patient with me, the past week has been crazy busy so i'm having to play catch up with all your blogs :-)

blazer-express, pants-dots, tank-target, shoes- macys
Photo credits go to the Manfriend!
Thanks to all you very lovely bloggers who stopped by and wished me a happy birthday! I really appreciate it! And a special thanks to the very sweet Kimberly of Fab Finds under $50 who's sent me a package for my birthday. Waiting for mail to arrive becomes a bit more exciting when you know its something other than a bill that'll be arriving.
It cooled down and rained on Thursday (which was my birthday)and so i had to be sensible and put away the high heels that i wanted to wear. I was a bit bummed but i've been assured by numerous kind people that rain on your birthday means blessings :-) I found this dress that is numerous sizes too big, but i'm kinda intrigued by the random paint splotches that look like i may have painted on my dress, but i knew i had to wear it . I wore boots with the dress adding a bit of ruggedness to the girliness of the dress was off to school where i spent hours studying for my accounting midterms. Not the ideal celebration i had planned for my 21st, but i hoping its was well worth it.
Thankfully, i will be celebrating with friends and family during the weekend.

Dress-thrifted, tights- target, boots-target, jacket-f21
Photocredits go to the Manfriend!!
2 exams down, 1 to go. As is usual with my exam day routine, i dressed for success by wearing a skirt, this time paired with the most ladylike spring trenchcoat. I can tell this is one of those pieces that i'll be wearing till its in bits and pieces . I like the combination of blue and peach-orange and i'm resolving to finding more ways to wear this skirt. I'm going back into my tent in the library to study for my accounting exams now...Hope everyone's week is going fantastically!! And i turn 21 tomorrow....Yeeeeaaaahhy!!!

Jacket- Ross, tank-target, Skirt-anthropologie, shoes-Rugged warehouse
Photocredits go to the Manfriend!
Two days ago (Sunday) I spent my evening outside with my youngest siblings. Running and climbing things, slide races, and swinging as high as we could go. Spring just arrived, and i'm loving it ridiculously! I spent the day studying but the singing birds seemed to call for me, and the sun seemed to shine very invitingly into my window, and i had the strongest urge to run around in this full skirt. So after struggling to pay attention to my studies for hours, i gave up and ran outside. And did the only logical thing to do after the sun sets; wear shades and look @ the moon:-)

shades-my brother, tank-f21, skirt-next, jacket, shoes- miss me
Photocredits go to one of my favorite playmates, the Manfriend!
I was up very late studying for upcoming Exams (Arrgh!!) hence my practically non-existent eyes in these photos. Well that and because the perfect spot for pictures required me to stand in a spot that the sun was directly in my eyes. That's kinda the reason why i'm flashing my legs at you all. My thinking is, if i distract with my legs and my shoes and a hint of lower thigh, no one will pay attention to my face and ask me where my eyes are. I'm sooo sneaky. *cue evil genius laughter*
On a brighter and less sneaky note, the weather in Ga is absolutely gorgeous today. So of course, had to break out a dress I got from Charlotte Russe. It was one of those dresses that look weird on the hanger, but i'm really glad i gave it a chance. Another important announcement, I turn the big 21 this week, so, feel free to start sending my gifts. I won't fault anyone for sending them too early :-)

Dress-charlotte Russe, shoes-gojane, belt-thrifted, tank-target
Photo credits go to the Manfriend!
Bright colors rejuvenate me. So its easy to see why i'm easily inspired by flowers. In the language of flowers, the yellow daffodil means happiness for just being, and is also known as the most sincere flower. So, if you are a little shy, buy a daffodil bouquet and offer and supposedly, your suitor will know from the start how sincere your feelings are.

Jacket- , Shirt- Target, Jeans- Dots, Shoes-Converse
Photocredits go to the Manfriend!
Spring has finally arrived! And i cannot be anymore excited if i tried. Flowers have begun to bloom, the birds have started to sing and things seem fresher and more rejuvenated. More color is being added to nature and i can't wait to echo it in my closet as well. However, i figured i'd take my long boots for their last few spins before it gets too hot for them. I'm also debuting my new saddle bag purse. I love big purses because they allow me to bring along EVERYTHING,(essential when you don't get home till late daily) but i'm trying not to develop a back problem at 20. I think this saddle bag can help me with that.

Dress- Go Rave, Jacket- f21, Boots-american eagle for payless, necklace- me!!

jacket- f21, sweater-poof excellence, dress and purse - thrifted, tights-cvs, boots- target
Photocredits go to the reason why i smile in my pics, the Manfriend!
I'm sure most of you have been on the edge of your seats wondering what i had planned for the last day of the 1 skirt, 3 ways challenge. I had a variety of errands to run so i knew this look had to be very comfortable and easy. Thankfully, its finally warmed up enough so i decided to bare my legs for the day. I'm really looking forward to the warmth of spring's arrival, can't wait to remove tights from my daily attire.

Shirt-Go Rave, Skirt-Anthropologie, Black Skirt-F21, Flats-Hypnotic
Photocredits go to the Manfriend!!
I found another cobalt blue skirt! Yes! This color is so striking and beautiful and when I saw that this skirt had Pockets and fits me better than the other skirt. So of course, I knew I had to have it. Skirts with pockets always wink at me and trick me into taking them home. Sneaky skirts! I paired it with this crisply striped dress (worn as shirt) for a simple yet eye-catching combination. Lately, I’ve become a bit fascinated with my shoulders, so expect to see them more often, especially with the weather warming up. Yeeeaaah!

I had to put away my shoulders after school for work, but the moment i get off, its going back to shoulders galore!

Shirt – (dress from Newport news). Skirt- Thrifted. Tights- Target. Shoes-Bakers
Photo credits go to the Manfriend!!
Adama Kai owner of Sierra Leone's Aschobi Designs is a Sierra Leone native that grew up in the States. She attended Parsons School of Design in college and her goal is to " change the view of Sierra Leone from Blood Diamond to Coutoure". She showcased her Fall 2009 collection at the 11th Annual Harvard Africa Business Conference in Boston, Massachusetts. Her line according to her is a "throwback back to the romantic notions of being a lady. Red, opulent lace, with Van Gogh, impressionist prints, in clean feminine silhouettes, that satisfy the "lady" in all women ". The designer's inspiration for the line: A play on Fela's Kuti song "She go say I be Lady" and Dr. Doolittle's "My Fair Lady".
I love the lush vibrant colors and the beautiful use of lace and ankara fabric and especially the beautiful embroidery. These dresses whisper creative elegance and seem like they could easily transition with you; from a formal gala, to the beach for a picnic afterwards, which to me means "the perfect dress". and I can't wait to see more from this designer. Let me know what you think!

The Designer: Adama Kai

Images and quotes are courtesy of Ladybrille.
I hope no one minds, because this is the outfit i wore on Friday to the early hours of Saturday morning. It's black, so i hope its ok even if its what i wore on Friday. I had a very busy weekend so i didn't have very much time to post pics of my outfits. This outfit is an example of what a perfect outfit is to me. Typically, for a day like this, i would have preferred to be in a dress, but given the weather on Friday, pants had to do. I had to go to school, work, then back to school for a banquet and then out to a club for some much needed dancing with some classmates.
I'm wearing the blouse of one my native outfits but to give it a modern twist to take me to work, i wore my black jeans. Throw in the flower clip for that splash of random that i love and boom! Perfect day to night outfit. At least for me. By the way, these shoes are some of the most comfortable heels i own. My feet didn't start to ache till 2am.

coat-f21, sweater- proenza, blouse-custom made, jeans- dots
Photo credits go to the Man who always finds my good side, my Manfriend!