Today's outfit had to be super simple, i was running errands all day. Here's what i wore:

Halter top(Charlotte Russe)


Flats(Shoe Land)

My saturdays are usually quite low key, so i tend to dress ultra-comfortably. I was tempted to simply throw on a t-shirt and go, but i decided to do something a bit funky and this zebra stole the show. This is what i came up with:

Yellow Sweater (Goodies) Blue Tank(Forever 21) Jeans(Express) Zebra Brooch(Thrifted) Necklace(Burlington Coat Factory) Sneakers(Target)


You go hunting for the perfect shoes, and you find them, only they're a size too big, or a size too small. Don't think it could happen to you? Well i thought so too, and then it did!! THE HORROR! I found a pair of brown peep-toe pumps that literally called my name and begged me to take them home with me. I was so glad and felt quite smug to be snagging the last pair of these beauties and when I tried them on in the store, and they fit well. But when i got home, and tried them on, they felt very loose.

What was i to do? If i couldn't fix my shoes, then i would be doomed to find my new darlings a new home. First was the denial ( I wouldn't accept it and wore the shoes to work, i had to drag my feet and take baby steps all day).Then was the final resolve to find a cure for my too-big shoes, or find them a new home. I called up A Shoe Repair Store @ my local mall and inquired about their shoe repair techniques. It was quite simple really, he inserted a pad where the foot archs, to keep the foot from sliding forward, as well as a padding in the back to keep the foot from lifting out of the shoe.

And folks, it works! All for about $6.00.

He also said he had shoe enlarging techniques, i've yet to try that one out, but i'll keep you posted.

That being said, there may be no need to give up on those heels that may be a little loose.

You can thank me

I love thursdays, maybe its because i get a day off in the middle of the week. Thankfully, today was a much, much better day. The day was fabulous, not too hot, and no more rain. All in all, i'm very grateful for my family, my friends and my love and fantastic man friend whom i'll call Pringles.
My outfit, today was chic So the starting point of my outfit was the white t-shirt and jeans (my fall back outfit) I added the brown vest, and then to spice up the thursday outfit, i added my scarf. This is what i wore:

T-shirt (probably target)
Vest ( Macy's)
Jeans (Forever 21)
Scarf (Thrifted)
Charm Necklace (Thrifted)
Black Flats ( Charlotte Russe)
Red Express Bag (Thrifted)

Yay, Less rain today! However today, in my world, not so smooth. I 'm worrying about quite a few things. I'm trying not to though, i 'm trying to remember how blessed i am. I'm a SUPER TROOPER!!
On a lighter note, this outfit was inspired by my shoes. I was thing its funny to plan an outfit just to wear a particular pair of shoes. As you can see, i'm rocking another item from my intense collection. So once again, i toned down the buttom bit by wearing a cream colored skirt. My shoes!! I 've been searching for a nice pair of brown shoes to wear in the winter and summer. TADA!! This is what i found! and i love them...until, i stepped out of my car at work.
Here's the back story. I bought these brown beauties @ Burlington Coat Factory a few days ago. I tried them on, sashayed and even ran in the store. The fit well and had a bit of room, so that if i decided to wear tights come the cold, the shoes wouldn't be too tight. So, this morning, as per my morning routine, I wore my flats for the first hours of the day because i go to school in the mornings. So, after class i drove to work, parked my car and changed shoes, (harps were playing @ this point, yeah i was that excited about these shoes). Everything came to a crashing halt because, my foot started to slide out of the shoes with every step. (WHY!!!!!!!!!!!) I quickly ran to a grocery store to purchase dr. scholls foot inserts. And guess what?? No difference. I spent all day slipping out and sliding back into my shoes... It was that or taking very baby steps.
Help me save these brown beauties! if i don't figure out a way to stretch them, i'll have to give them away, which i really don't want to do. Feel free to share tips....
Black Jacket (Macy's)
Intense Orange Striped Top (H & M)
Purple Tank ( Macy's)
Cream Skirt ( Thrifted)
Brown Peep-toe Pumps ( Burlington Coat Factory)
Red Bag (Express)

Today was dreadfully wet and rainy all day, i was kinda at a loss for what to wear. So once again, i figured, if the sun wouldn't shine, I would be colorful. The base of the outfit was the swing jacket i picked up since the beginning of summer, and have been saving it for a cool day. So i opted for a blue and red to spice up an otherwise basic black and white outfit. I think the outfit was unexpected and comfortable...
Light Gray Swing Jacket ( Macys)
Blue Tee ( Body Central)
White Print,Black Skirt ( 5-7-9)
Red Heels ( TJ Maxx)
Red Beads (Target)
Black Purse (borrowed from my mom)

Another day of rainfall ALL DAY. Another day of red, white,black and blue. I promise, this is not a planned The ankle boots...i put them on, on a whim, i actually had on knee length flat boots. Then, at the last minute i changed to these ankle boots for a edgier touch to the outfit.
Black 3/4 Sleeved Jacket (Macys)
Floral Blouse (Ross)
Blue Skirt (TJ Maxx)
Black Boots( Shoe Land)
Dark Red Express Bag (Thrifted)

Today was pretty cloudy so i decided to be fabulous so that the weather did not affect my mood :o) The scarf was thrown on at the last minute simply because i wanted to be in Paris for the day...wishes and dreams.

This is what i wore:

Navy Blue shirt(Macy's)
Checkered Tan Skirt(Macy's)
Nude Shoes( Urban Behavior)
*Paris* Scarf(Thrifted)
Navy and Cream Clutch (Thrifted)

I've been having technical difficulties, but thankfully, i'm back up and running. Unfortunately, pictures of my outfits from thursday and friday were deleted. Yet somehow i still have my picture of wednesday 's outfit. I'll be back to posting daily. On wednesday, i wore my fun plaid shirt, the neckline's kinda ruffled and frilly, so to keep from looking to cutesy for work, i paired the shirt with a black belt. Here's what i wore:

Blue and Pink Plaid top (Max Rave)
Black Skirt (Macys' )
Pink peep-toe pumps(TJ Maxx)
Black Belt (Forever 21)
Black purse(My mom's)
I've been experiencing technical difficulties, and have been unable to post my outfits for the past 2 days. But i will update with my outfits from wednesday to today.

Today's outfit was chosen because i wanted to debut one of my thrift store treasures. This gold and grey belt i found.I think its supposed to be a wing, but that's just me, regardless; I love it!! i 'm trying to come up with more ways to work this belt into my wardrobe, this was the quickest i could come up with.The top, on me is a bit unflattering because its quite roomy and and a bit shapeless on me, so i was only able to come up with few ideas on how to work this into my outfit, i think i 've worn it once since i got it. The glossy skirt is actually high waisted, so be the sucker that i am for most things shiny/glossy I bought it. My shoes i really like for their versatility,and they are quite comfy, if you're not walking around in them for too long..And the bag, i know it doesn't quite match,but i like it so i wore it. A nice splash of color i say :o) I wore black flats when i had to run around at school, but switched into the heels for work. This is what i wore:

Black blouse (Goodys)
Glossy Grey Skirt (Macys)
3-tone Sandals ( Bella Scarpa)
Fantastic Gold Wing Belt (Thrifted!!)
Purse ( Rampage )

This is one of the reasons i started this blog. Today was my first day back to school, and i already miss summer vacation!! It was off to a hectic start, and as always, even if i get up early, i still somehow had to sprint out of the house. I encountered some traffic, which is kinda frustrating, but i had my *Ultimate Relax Mix* to keep me calm....Here's what i wore:
Aqua top (Macys)
Purple layered tank (Macys)
Navy Pants ( Forever 21)
Silver sandals (Dillards)
Black Bag ( My mom)
Necklace ( Rugged Warehouse)

My company has casual fridays so we get to wear jeans. So today, i wanted the focal point of my outfit to be my incredibly colorful purse that i love!!! So to keep it simple, i wore a pair of skinny jeans, paired with a grey shirt and raspberry colored peep-toe pumps. The accessories definitely made the outfit today.Overall, the outfit was comfortable and chic....

Gray T-shirt(Goodys)
Jeans- (Forever 21)
Raspberry Peep Toes( TJ Maxx)
Lovely Purse (Rampage)

I am trying to wear all the skirts in my closet before i have to layer them with tights come the coolness of fall and winter. This orange skirt is quite intense on the eyes, so i tried to keep from blinding and overwhelming my coworkers with the colors by pairing it with a cream colored shirt. I really like this shirt for the details on it. It has cute leafy cut-outs that charmed me into getting it when i saw it at Macys. The skirt has quite a slit in the front and it was cute when i tried it on, but at work, i felt like i would flash everyone. So even though i had on little shorts underneath (that's just the sort of chick i am) i was chained to my desk all day. I completed the look with cream-colored pumps and a brown satchel and a gold link for a muted in my opinion.

Cream-colored Top (Macys)
Skirt ( Target from a while back)
Cream-colored pumps ( Urban Behavior)
Brown Satchel (Target )
Necklace ( Thrifted for like 3.00 !!!)
Gold Bangle ( Forever 21)

I've wanted to start documenting my outfits for a while, but once i get dressed, i usually forget to take a picture. This was quickly taken during my lunchtime before i got into my car for lunch. I've had this blue belt for ages but, i 'd never worn it because i wanted to match it with blue shoes. But I've adopted a "complimentary" approach to my life, wardrobe included. Clothing wise, that means, colors do not have to match ...if i think the colors compliment each other, its going to be worn. I feel like this outfit turned out kinda nice without looking too matchy-matchy, and it was appropriate for today's weather because it was dreary and quite cloudy. It was kind of a nice change from Georgia's usual summer suffocating-heat filled days.

White Shirt (Macys)
Plum Tank ( Forever 21)
Blue Belt (Thrifted)
Black Skirt (Macys)
Black Bandolino Pumps (TJ MAXX)
Blue Headband (Some beauty supply store)
Purse (Gift from my sis)
These are the chronicles of my daily outfits...I enjoy dressing up and putting together new outfits, using the clothing items that i already have. Feel free to give feedback :-).....But if you have nothing nice to say, i'd rather you didn't say anything at all