I hope everyone (who celebrates) had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I ate probably a little too much, i drank, i laughed and i can't think of a better way to spend my thanksgiving hollies.
This morning, I had plans to join the rest of the masses in hunting down Black Friday deals early in the morning before heading, but i overslept and missed pretty much all the early bird specials (lots of good food will do that you). But i did stop by Forever 21 on my way to work. I was able to snag a few really cool items...and a few sale items that i can't find on their website to put up. For anyone who's interested, there's a buy one get one free deal on sale items but i don't know how long that'll last.
I'm dressed to be able to easily take off layers and try on clothes, but i needed to still look, put together for work as well. This is what i wore:
Black Top (Macys)
Jeans (F21)
Heels (Rugged)
Bag (Target)

Photocredits go to my awesome Manfriend!!
Ok, so i know i expressed discomfort about wearing the satin skirt because of the whole sliding about and crumpling, i wasn't exaggerating. I was able to get off work early today, because of the thanksgiving holiday tomorrow. The plan was to head over to my Manfriend's appartment right after work and join him in running some errands. When it was tme for us to depart, i really, really didn't want to wear the skirt. And it turns out, i didn't have any bottoms at his apparment (which is weird because i had so many tops there) . So i asked to borrow one of his older pants that he no longer wore.
I realize i just did the whole boyfriend jeans thing (gasp**). I didn't think i'd be jumping on that bandwagon, but out of necessity comes innovation. Plus, since i love wearing clothes with history, i loved wearing my manfriend's jeans...i felt confident and sassy and those blue shoes was just the icing on the cake. I'm loving the ease of the outfit!
I love being comfortable and confident in the clothes i wear, sometimes i think i forget and take it for granted..

I was really excited when i bought this skirt. Its shiny metallic gray color seemed like the perfect addition to my closet. However, in actuality(which i always forget), this skirt rumples quickly and never seems to sit properly on my waist. When i tried it on at the store, it fit like a high-waisted dream, but now, it keeps sliding down and looking goofy. I, of course, forgot about this when i was getting dressed (in a hurry) this morning, and didn't realize the skirt's antics until i'd left my house.
So i was forced to lower the sitting place of the skirt, hence the off kilter appearance of the skirt. I think i will have to do some sort of altering to this skirt in order to keep it. But most likely i'll have to give it away. B-( Feel free to offer tips
This is what i wore:
Black Shirt (Macys)
Skirt (F21)
Tights (Target)
Heels -nine west ( Ross)

Photocredits go to my lovely Manfriend!
The always sweet Andrea ,of A cat of impossible color, was kind enough to make my day a little brighter by giving me the Butterfly Award! (And i love butterflies and awards ) And the lovely Kayleigh of Fashionably Later also gave me the Your Blog is Fabulous Award!

Thank you Andrea and Kayleigh!!

So the rules require me to give it to seven favourite blogs, and so I would like to present it to the following lovely ladies whose blogs i enjoy perusing thru on a daily basis...
Sheila @ Ephemera
Kayleigh @ Fashionably Later
Anchibride @ Udarata Kellar

You ladies are wonderful and truly deserve it!!!
I 've never owned animal print clothing ever, well, actually i have a leopard clutch, but that's an accessory not clothing. This past weekend, while thriftstore treasure hunting, this little leopard number caught my eye. The leopard print shirt is actually a dress. I was inspired by the picture of Scarlett Johanssen in Allure Magazine in a leopard print leotard, looking very sassy and confident.
I contemplated wearing it sans skirt to work, but that looked...umm a bit on the inappropriate side for work. So i threw on the skirt for the "sexy or wild" secretary vibe. I didn't go for the usual red accesories that i always see paired w/ the leopard print though, but i think this came out pretty well.
This is what i wore:
Black Sweater( F21)
Leopard print dress worn as a shirt (Thrifted)
Skirt (Macys)
Tights (Target)
Boots( Go jane)

Photocredits go to the Manfriend!!
Happy Monday Folks!

Today, i was inspired by this beautiful but funky necklace designed by Powerhaus. Of course, i can't afford this lovely necklace on my budget just yet(that's balla status and i'm not there yet, i'm still working with the broke student budget). So during one of my numerous window shopping expeditions, i found somethinga bit similar for without breaking my small bank. Please feel free to tell me what you think of my cheap version..lol.

There's something about waistcoats and pin-stripes that conveys a certain professionalism; at least according to my manfriend. He liked this "semi-professional" ensemble today. I like the color, the different proportions and how the details made this outfit, at least for me. I was a bit iffy about these gray pants but I like the the floor sweeping length and the silver pinstripes on the pants, so i broke down and gave them a try.

This is what i wore:
Coat (F21)
Waistcoast (Macys)
Pants( Max Rave)
T-shirt ( F21)
Butterfly brooch(Vintage)
Ankle Boots (Shoeland)
Bag (gift)

Photocredits go to my sugar,my Manfriend!

P.S: Anyone notice the new critter brooch on my coat....

Welcome to another post of Native Sunday, where i your host, lady will showcase a native Nigerian piece of clothing. Today, the piece being showcased is the skirt. It is actually a "wrapper" , which is a piece of cloth that is wrapped around the body and secured on the side. It can be worn at desired length, depending on how one chooses to wear it. Click here for a picture of the wrapper worn at a longer length.
So that my western readers will have a better understanding, look at it like this: The "wrapper" is a bit similar to a sarong, except while most sarongs are thin and flimsy(at least the ones i've seen), wrappers are usually much thicker and sturdier.
For this outfit, my wrapper was tied at the side, and then belted, giving it a modern take on a traditional piece.
This is what i wore:
Hat (H&M)
Shirt (Target)
Skirt -wrapper worn and belted(custom made)
Thriple Buckle Belt (Dots)
Coat (F21)
Zebra brooch (vintage)
Tights (target)
Ankle Boots (gojane)

Photocredits go to my bro Little one, and my sis Lachmeister!!
I have a very sad and embarassing confession to make.
I hope my readers are not to disappointed but.... I forgot about the Nigerian Independence day...until today. (*i'm bowing my head in shame*)
The really bad thing is, it was over a month ago...on October 1st. How could i not have realized that my country of origin turned 48 and i missed it, and didn't even realize it till a month later. Bad, Bad, Bad!
But I say better late than never.
**Happy Birthday Nigeria!!!**
This is for you!!
This is what i wore:
Sweater (Isaac Mizrahi)
Necklace (Target)
Jeans (Express)
Gold Bracelet (F21)
Beaded Bracelet (Made for me by the manfriend...it never leaves my wrist)

My 100th Post!!
I wish i had something a bit more special planned but since i donot, i just want to thank all the lovely readers who stop by and a special thanks to those who comment. Thank you awesome ladies for making me feel welcome in the blogging community....

Now back to your regularly scheduled programming :-P

Today was not only very cold, but the wind chill factor was very high! Those two together make for a very cold day that's also windy. I got to school and realized that I'd missed my usual shuttle and had to stand longer than usual at the shuttle stop this morning. So, after a quick pep talk to myself before i braved the cold,i marched up to the shuttle stop, and claimed my place in line... in my battle stance.
Why in my battle stance you ask? Because getting on the shuttle is survival of the fittest! The weak and the slow don't survive (or don't get a seat on the shuttle). And i knew i had to survive ( i didn't want to be late to class and i wanted to have a place to sit on the shuttle).
So as i stood there, battle stance and even battle face on, a girl i don't know says to me, " Its so cold out here, but you look so warm " I laughed so hard and then told her that she was right because i was actually so layered up that the coolness of the morning did not have too big an effect on me. I think she was trying to distract me and take my place in line....Amateurs..
This is what i wore:
Scarf (Target )
Coat (F21)
Dress( Macys)
Tights once again layered (Target)

Photo credits go to the gracious and ever-patient, Manfriend!!
Today I’m featured on GLAMOUR magazine’s website under SLAVES TO FASHION: Daily Style Blog You can submit your own favorite colder weather outfits for their consideration as well. Awesomely Lovely!!
Since i've spent the past couple of days in so such bright colors, i decided to tone it down, just a bit today...or at least localize the color and keep it simple for today. Plus, i had a presentation to do toay,and i needed people to focus on what i was presenting, not what i was wearing. And yes, i know i've worn these boots out this week, but they are soooo comfortable!!
Here's what i wore:
Embroided Tunic(F21)
Jeans (Macys)
Boots (Chinese Laundry)

Photo credit go to my sis, Lachmeister!!!
I'm having another one of those days where nothing in my closet feels right, so again, i run into the arms of a dress. Click here for how i wore it last, when it was much warmer. And here it is all layered up for the winter weather:
this is what i wore:
Coat(Urban Behavior)
Dress (Max Rave)
Blue Sweater(Macys)
Green Beret(Borrowed from the Manfriend)
Green Necklace(Target)
Blue Tights-black ones underneath and not shown(Target)
Boots(Chinese Laundry)
Bag (Target)