By the time the weekend rolls around, my camera battery is usually dead, so i rarely take pictures of my weekend outfits. There was some juice left this past weekend, so i got to take a few pictures of my party gear.I wore this outfit out for a night out with my girlies to Primal Nightclub. I'm a pretty simple girl when i'm going out. Give me an outfit i can truly dance in because i'm definitely not a wall-hugger, mostly comfortable heels and something shiny. My clutch is just my wallet emptied to the barest minimum. And my leggings...i jumped on the tights bandwagon waaay late..but i was willing to give them a try as they were on sale at walmart. These are not bad for $5 dollars. I'm now tempted to go shopping for more..maybe F21 or Express?

Coat-Thrifted, shirt-Target, tights-Walmart, Shoes- charlotte Russe, Clutch- my wallet
Running around at school and camping out in the library.Goofing off with my sister between classes. Some of the best things in life are simple.

I've been aching to wear this skirt. Even though its been COLD and rainy these past few days. I didn't want to wear tights but i liked the look with the latex leggings, especially since its a warmer alternative. I like the cooler weather, but I'm sooo ready for some warm weather.Road Trip Maybe?

My school outfit of the day. It was a fantastically warm day just like the past few days but since i left home quite early in the mornings, it was still cool when i left home. I'm decked out in all black, well black and gray...its been a while. I'm a little excited to be doing research for a class assignment on the Netherlands. I have to find out how their culture affects their business practices.

Sisley Blaxer-Thrifted, Sweater- Macys, Leggings- F21, Bag- Target, Scarf- Gift
I'm so glad its warmed up these past few days. I love super easy days like this one. Spent hanging out with my family, and then met up for brunch turned lunch with my girls. Good times...
My blouse belonged to my mother. I was searching for something to borrow when i saw this blouse. I paired it with my new pale pink platforms...they're quite comfortable... i think i'm in love.

Blouse-Mom's Closet,Skirt and shrug-F21, socks- target, shoes- penny loves kenny(from TJMaxx)
This is the outfit i wore for my very last day at my job. *sigh* Some of my co-workers had become an extended family to me. I'm going to miss seeing them daily. I figured i'd go out with a dressy bang, so instead of donning jeans which is standard weekend wear; i wore a dress and my MK platform sandals. And sashayed out of the office the same way i sashayed in on my very first day there, lol. Albeit, i was a little sad the second sashay around.

Its crazy how we meet people that end up changing us in the most unexpected ways. I never expected to meet some of the people i did, or find the great friendships that i was fortunate to be a part of. But I'm thankful for the chance to learn a little something about relationships, life and myself.
I wonder what else 2010 has in store.

Sweater-Poof Excellence, dress and tights-target, shoes-Michael Kors(tjmaxx), bag-thrifted
I've had this dress in my closet for a while now but its been too cold to wear.It warmed up a little bit so i wasted no time before i brought it out. Its been paired with a wool sweater and my favorite trenchcoat and knee high socks.
Easy outfit for my day off from school, lunch with my sister and a few errands.

Dress and Purse-Thrifted, Trench-B's Closet, Sweater-Old Navy, Tights and socks-Target
I've gotten a few requests to do a "what's in your school bag" post, as well as my tips for organization and studying.

Here you go: Inside the Big Blue Bag

I like having exciting and interesting things to look at, so I keep my school folders quite colorful. Now this may not apply to everybody, but I noticed that interesting folders and binders seem to beckon to me to open them and review their contents.

To stay organized, i write almost everything down. i carry a planner, a little booklet that holds my sticky notes for notes to myself or reading annotations when i study. The pink sequinned item in the middle is my wallet. And my ipod helps keep me sane.

This is basically my "make-up regimen" right there... if i can't put it on with one hand while driving to work, i probably won't own it. Bigelow lip balm,a loreal green eyeliner and mascara for days when i wanna look extra I wear glasses in class.

And i always have a book in my school bag, along with a mints. And last but definitely not blackberry..aka an extension of my right hand.

**As far as organization goes, my folders, sticky notes and planner keep me pretty organized. I make a ton of lists...for example, i have a daily goal list, of things that i have to/want to do for each day.

**And as far as studying goes, these 2 tips haven't let me down yet:
1. Look over the material BEFORE i go to class. it gives an idea of what to expect in class and that way, i'm prepared with questions that help me better understand what the material.

2. Embrace notecards. While reading over the material for my classes, i usually make notes on note cards. It makes the material more memorable as i'm reading it and writing it as well. And its easier to study because i already have incredibly portable notes to refer back to.
I'm debuting my plaid paper boy hat that i've been living in over the past few days. I was supposed to be dashing in and out from Target while running errands and happened to pass by the men's section where i saw men's hats... i tried a couple on, just for laughs while goofing off with my sister and fell in love with this one.
Its crazy how you find things especially when your not looking.And that is reason #158 why i love Target(said in my best "french" accent...Tar-jay)lol

Hat and bag-Target, Jeans- Dots, T-shirt- F21..i think, Coat-Urban Outfitters, Scarf-Gift
This was my outfit for my first day back to school. And i spent 11hours... yes 11 hours at school.Sigh... and that's how my mondays will go from now on. Don't worry, to counter the seriousness of school, i'll be going to an art cafe to hang out from now on.
Its funny, i spent a lot of time, with so much to do. Always on the go, either to classes or to work. Now i have a little more time and i'm at a loss for what to do with myself... i'm definitely going to enjoy it though.
As for my outfit...11 hours. Nuff said. I had to be extremely comfy.And my coat is another purchase from TJMaxx.

Coat- TJMaxx, Shirt-F21, Jeans-Macys, Boots and school bag-Target and pashmina-gift

Photo credits go to the Lachmeister!!
I've been without internet service for the past 3 days so i haven't gotten chance to update and also thank Zanneta with Naturelle Chic for the feature.
Thank you luv!!!!
I'm super layered and bundled up in wool sweaters and the thick tights, instead of pantyhose because the weather has gotten a lot cooler these past few days. It started off with a few snow flurries and then later,a snow advisory( i can just hear my northern friends But i still ran a couple of errands, and did a drive thru TJMAXX and did a little shopping with a gift card i received from work.I was definitely pleased with my purchases.
I'm wearing a F21 coat, a goodys wool sweater from back in the day, a thrifted dress, target tights/leggings and my charlotte russe boots.

I bought 2 pairs of shoes:

this gorgeous pair of platform sandal by Michael Kors, mine is in black though

This one is by Penny Loves Kenny but my pair is in pale pink. It caught my eye because of the color and the buckles. Definitely came home with me because of the sweet sale price of $15 and when i was searching for a picture of them to put up, i found out that they retail on-line for $60.

These photos don't do my shoes enough justice. Just wait till i break 'em out. OOOWWW!!
Its sooo cold outside.Its even supposed to snow a little today. I don't know how you northerners do it.

My top is a recent purchase from Target,and reminded me of a watercolor painting. I wanted something simple but charming to add to my all black attire as i run errands and lunch with my sisters.

Tops-Target, jeans-dots, shoes-charlotte russe, coat-urban outfitters
Somebody should tell us, right at the start of our lives, that we are dying. Then we might live life to the limit, every minute of every day. Do it! I say. Whatever you want to do, do it now! There are only so many tomorrows.” -Pope Paul VI

it inspired me...

First Big News of 2010... I've decided to quit my job.
Yup. After incredible consideration about my goals and what i'd like to accomplish this year, i've decided to leave my full-time job and attack school full time, as opposed to part time as i've been doing since i started this blog.
What does this mean for my blog, mostly'm going to keep posting my outfits.However, my daily wardrobe will change...although i don't know how much. We'll all have to wait and see.
Also, if anyone is looking for an accounting intern or even part time office/ personal assistant or just an interesting project in the atlanta area, please drop me a line, i definitely want to stay busy...maybe i'll use this the time to pursue forgotten hobbies. I'll keep you guys posted.

As for my outfit, i've had this skirt for ages but i don't wear it often. The print is a fun and very versatile thin plaid. I definitely picked the wrong day to wear this skirt as it was Freezing today. Gotta find my gloves, i almost lost the use of my fingers after taking these pictures.

Jacket-F21, sweater and Skirt-thrifted, Bodysuit-AA, tights-target, shoes- Charlotte Russe