These pictures were taken a while back, when it was still warm enough to leave home without a jacket.

Hope you guys had a fantastic weekend!




Shirt and jeans- f21, bag- couture collection, shoes- converse
I can't but be excited that fall is finally here. I bought this dress in Chicago, and while i could have definitely worn it earlier, i wanted to wait till it got a little cooler to wear it.





Just another day. Decked out in sequins and shorts, trying to soak up the warmth in the sun, before it gives way to the chill of fall.



Blouse- Thrifted, Shorts- H&M, Shoes- Aerosoles
A simple black and white outfit is my favorite combo to put together. Its also my go-to combo for when i'm in a rush and very low on time. You can't go wrong with an outfit this simple for school. Its perfect for running around campus and meetings all day. As you can see, despite my big talk of wearing just black and white, i couldn't resist wearing my berry pink scarf.




Blouse- H&M ,pants and shoes- F21, Bag- Franchesca, scarf- thrifted
Vividly colorful blouses still make my heart sing, that's nothing new. I've accumulated so many colorful blouses that its not even funny anymore. I'm surprised that these shoes haven't appeared on the blog before now. It was in heavy rotation this spring and a few times this summer. I figured i'd wear them out for one last hoorah before i have to trade them in for knee high boots.




Blouse- thrifted, cropped pants- anthropologie, shoes- gift from my sis
Along with the new school semester that comes with august, each year without fail, i start to crave some changes. Like a bit of cooler weather, and even a new hairstyle. So, i came up with a 2-step plan.
Step 1: change hair: DONE!
Step 2: Infuse "fall" into my outfits: DONE!!! i've started to sneak a little layering into my outfits.

Dress- Express, Shirt- F21, Shoes- Report, Bag- Thrifted
Hello my lovelies!!!

I hope you guys had a fantastic weekend. I went paintballing. And came up out with war wounds. And lots of soreness.
Here some pictures i took in chicago in the laundry room of the hotel on a bored rainy afternoon. Why? Cause i'm random like that.
Dress is a 70's vintage dress that i found and instantly loved because of the print. Y'all know i love flowers.



I wanted a change. So i changed my hair a bit by dusting off and donning my favorite wig. Its been a while. Another day,another rediscovered pair of shoes. I don't know why i stopped wearing these, they're actually mostly comfortable. Ideal for lite walking/standing. Also, i'm amidst reorganizing my closet for the fall weather to decide what i'm gonna need for the fast approaching coldness. What's on your must-have list for fall?




Blouse- Almost Famous, Skirt-Anthropologie, Shoes- Promise, Scarf and Bag- Thrifted

I'm back from Chicago and i can't express how unwilling i am to rejoin the "real world" . It felt like i was in an alternate universe in Chicago, where time was irrelevant and my schedule was filled with naps,street explorations, catching up on my favorite tv shows and swimming! Hard to believe that my summer "vacation" (being that i took summer classes, i didn't really get the full effect) is coming to a close in exactly 1 week. Boooooooo!!!!!

Its been a while since this skirt made an appearance on the blog. I appreciate a good full skirt as they're perfect for outfits that need that "ladylike touch" without the actual fuss of donning a dress. Also, my journey into my shoe closet continues.



Blouse-Urban Outfitters, skirt- Next, Shoes- Report, clutch -thrifted
More photos from roaming the streets of downtown Chicago. The weather here has been incredible so my dad and I took advantage of it by walking down to the water and exploring all the adorable sights and restaurants at the Navy Pier.




Doing Tourist-y things:



I couldn't resist...we even ate here...yummy deliciousness
My lovelies!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm incredibly sorry for disappearing once again, without any explanation, no good byes or see-u-later notes like a girl who had sneak out the service entrance because of a very bad date!

Things got incredibly hectic over on my side, but have started to calm down, so we can return to our regularly scheduled postings.

As i alluded a few posts ago, i'm finally in Chicago and i absolutely LOVE it!

Chicago is an Amazing city. And Trust, amidst all the explorations and shopping, i'm finding time to rekindle my love for reading (for fun) and relaxing!

This post is going to be kinda long since( to make up for being gone for so long)

Here's what i've been wearing in the Windy city:

My Arrival Outfit: Top & Jeans- F21, Shoes- Target, Scarf- Gift
-the scarf doubled as a blanket for when i fell asleep about 5 mins after take-off


Day # 2: Lounging Around in the hotel room 
Outfit: Dress-thrifted, assorted bangles: F21
-perfect for reading and watching the second season of Pushing favorite show (sadly its now cancelled)


Day 3: Hanging from Trees :
H&M  Having spent the previous day lounging around, i had to explore my surroundings... and y'all know how much i love trees....they're perfect for these non-chalant "hanging from a tree pose" that i'm partial to. lol
Outfit: Shirt-French Connection, Skirt- H&M


Day 4:  Dinner and more Explorations.
My dad and I explored the 'burbs and found a sweet little thai spot where we had dinner.
Dress: Thrifted, Clutch- Gift

A few reasons why i've fallen in love with chicago:

Yummy Food

Water Taxis(I <3 Water)

Gorgeous Architecture

From Chicago With Love