I wore this outfit on my birthday. I kept it mostly casual because for my past 3 birthdays, i've had to be at school...in the library.Hmmpphhh.Apart from that, it was a great day. It was simple... and my friends and family warmed my heart with acts of love that made me smile. Love you guys!
I planned to wear just the dress and blazer, but it was just too cold to go tightless/pantless.

Sisley Blazer-thrifted, Dress-Tramp Clothing, Boots- UrbanOrg, Bag- Target
This weather is playing games with my emotions. Summer-like warm one day, winter chill the next. Stop playing games!!!!
It was a gorgeous gorgeous day...i met up and had lunch with a few friends that had been a little neglected because of my ridic schedule, I even met up with fellow blogger "NakedSha" who is such a sweetheart.
All in all , i say a great day!
By the way, Today March 26th is my birthday! You know my outfits posts are delayed by a day, so pics of my birthday celebrations, and numerous wardrobe changes to come.
Hope everyone has a fantastically fun weekend!

I'm a big fan of marching bands and was kinda thrilled when the marching band trend hit the fashion scene. I've never been in the marching band although i've always wanted to. I used to play the drums a long long time ago, but i don't know if i can anymore. However, my still heart races excitedly when i hear the low rumble of drums playing.
Anyway, i typed all that to say: I like my sweater. A lot. I decided to take pictures in the library since i spend sooo much of my time there. Grrr.

Sweater and Jeans- F21, Cream blouse- Dots, Shoes- F21 by way of rugged
Reason number 64 on my list of reasons for why i want to live in New York:

To attend events like this... So all my new yorkers, here you go... and if you go, let me know, so i can live vicariously thru you. And thank you to O. for the heads up :-)
I received this beatiful flowery top as gift from my boyfriend's lovely sister.The top is a halter top and the bust and neck straps are outlined by flowers sewed onto the blouse.It's like i had on a statment necklace made of dainty flowers.So Charming! I couldn't wait for warmer weather to wear it,(read: i'm sooo impatient), so i wore it with a wrap sweater and my anorak jacket because the weather cooled back dowm after the weekend's warmth. I'd never been so charmed by seeing the neck of my blouse peeking out from my layers of clothes.
I decided to take pictures while at Walmart, while i was supposed to be shopping for tiki torches
Thank you again Marie :-)

Blouse-gift from Marie :-), sweater and jeans-f21, anorak jacket- target
And i couldn't be more ready if i tried.
I spent one of the loveliest weekends Atlanta has seen in a long time, with the boyfriend. We ran errands, stopped for a brief lunch..ok long lunch of yummy chocolate pancakes...(yes folks my chocolate addiction is that bad, i LOVE chocolate pancakes) mall hopped,...and just chilled. It was fantastic.

I dressed ultra feminine and went for my new flats instead of heels. I thought these shoes would quickly become my new favorites as well as my go-to shoes for spring. Unfortunately, i was wrong...these shoes hurt.

The facts are these:
1.I'm a half size(8.5) so i went up to the next size of a 9...and the shoes were still a little snug, but i figure with a few wears, it'll conform to my foot.
2. The clasp for closure started digging into my foot about an hour into wearing it. Leaving a few welts on the top of my foot...no bueno

I'm going to try and fix them somehow because i love these...we'll see how it goes.

Dress- thrifted, cardi- poof excellence, shoes
London based designer Anita Quansah graduated from Chelsea College of Art and Design in London and has been involved with the fashion industry ever since. Collaborating and creating unique embroidered textile pieces for some of the leading textile and fashion design houses such as Christian Lacroix, DKNY, Diane Von Furstenberg. She recently came out with her debut collection of clothing and one of a kind neckpieces,filled with a bold yet playful attitude. Each neckpiece is handcrafted with a variety of colorful elements ranging from pearls to fringe which add to the modern feel of the collection.The pieces are all absolutely gorgeous,especially if you're a sucker for eye-catching things like me. I will be doing a brief Q & A with the designer, definitely stay tuned!

I wore this outfit out to a Sunday brunch.
I've missed my hair quite a lot...but i'm trying to keep from playing in it ALL the time. But i couldn't resist doing these twists...i'm still deciding if i like them on me.
Outfit wise...i really like this jumper, somehow it doesn't get enough wear in my closet.

Jumper-Express, Blouse-F21(from a LONG time ago), tights-target, boots-charlotte russe
Simple outfit i wore for the drive back to Atlanta. Of course as we neared the City, it got cooler, so i had to break out my black faux leather jacket. I was reminded of how sorry i was to leave Savannah... and how ready i am for WARMER weather...Oh Spring where art thou???

My plans to be a beach bum over spring break was foiled by the weather. Damn You Georgia Weather!!! Jk, however; the few days i was down in Savannah, the weather did stay on the cooler side...with the exception of the day i arrived. Which is why i had to walk on the beach in my jacket...instead of my bathing suit.GRRR. However, the charm of Tybee Island Savannah is, as always picturesque. Even when the sun won't shine.

Guess who's back and feeling refreshed, revitalized and a little sad that it's back to the hectic-ness of school??
For those who didn't know or wondered about my whereabouts, i'm still here. I went to Savannah to chill out on Spring Break, and just in time too, because i needed it. I was on the verge of a breakdown...
But Savannah was fantastically mellow. Which is exactly what the doctor ordered. Don't i look relaxed?
I wore this out to dinner on my first night there. Lovely maxi dress i bought in anticipation of spring...since fall 2009.

dress- target, jacket- f21, clutch -dots, flats-wanted

I had quite the eventful week. School closed due to snowy weather,i finished up my exams and danced in the school courtyard w/ African Student Assoc. Dance Team(huge for me as i used to run from public activity of all sorts).

I started off my spring break weekend by partying with my favorite girls and boys at Wet Willies and ended the night at Primal Night Club. I waited till the last minute to pack for my trip, so i'm off to go handle that...i guess i'll sleep during the drive up there.

dress-aa, tights-target, shoes- urbanorg, coat- f21
This week was ASA week at Georgia State, and while i would like to say i dressed up each day to show my support...i didn't. I was too preoccupied with my midterms...by the way YAYYYY!!!! i'm done and officially on spring break!!!
But back to my story, no i didn't dress up... but i did dress up on one day though..and i will post outfit pics from the days i did take pictures during the weekend.
Outfitwise, i'm wearing one of my mom's blouses i *cough* borrowed. And the owl necklace that i can't seem to stop wearing...as well as the boots i can't seem to stop wearing.
Hope everyone's week is ending on a good note...TGIF

I've been missing my traditional clothes because the coldness has made it impossible for me to think of anything other than bundling up in thick layers. I pulled out one of my traditional long skirts and decided to rock that to church..and pretty much the rest of the day.

Skirt- custom made, Jacket and belt-F21, Blouse- Target, Shoes-Michael Kors(from TJMAXX)