I love celebrating. I feel like a lot of people take their lives for granted, and even worse they take the people who enrich their lives for granted. I strive to always make time to celebrate my friends and my family. Which is why I didn’t hesitate to spend my day celebrating with the Manfriend.We never got a chance to celebrate the anniversary of our 2nd year of being together because it falls during the hectic holiday season. At the Manfriend’s urging of, “better late than never”, we donned our bests and did just that.
Although we didn’t go out (it was so cold ), I decided to dress up anyway. I channeled the simple glamour of Katherine Hepburn ‘s almost slip-like dress, by wearing a vintage night gown as a dress (ensuring comfort) and tucked a flower in my hair. The Manfriend was none the wiser of my little secret(till I told him).

What I wore to class:
Cardi ( F21), Shirtdress (Dots) Tights (F21) Boots (Chinese Laundry)

“Dress” (Vintage), Flower Pin (Target)
Photocredits go to the Manfriend!
Even in the thick of winter's cold air, i'm looking forward to the warmness and fresh start that comes with spring. And what better way to start over than in girly and modern in native cloth. I saw this Sika Designs on Ciaafrique's blog and fell in love with the use of lace, colors and style of these dresses. Showcasing beautiful african print and modern styles, these gorgeous dresses are fun and flirty and make me yearn for days when i can leave home without wearing tights. Spring brings out the girly girl in me, and i'm adding some of these dresses to my spring wishlist.

Pics are from Sikadesigns.com
I was running a bit late this morning and wasn't able to really come up with any outfit combinations. So i wore one of my chain belts as my necklace to add a bit of interest to my otherwise basic outfit.

What i wore:
Coat (Urban Behavior)
Shirt (f21)
Belt (Worn as necklace- thrifed)

Photocredit go to my Bestie
Let me go ahead and warn you in advance. I look quite melancholy in these pics, please excuse my expression. I'm having a bit of tough week, and although i wish i could hide my emotions behind a well practiced poker face,but the traitor that is my face reveals my every thought... as i'm thinking it.

I promise i'll be back to my normal smiling self as soon as i can, its that or get better are faking smiles or appropriate poker faces.

I'm kind of fascinated by the random strings and ruffles on this shirt.Its so frilly and girly which is right up my alley. I even caught a ton of people staring at the ruffles on my shirt, which i think is hilarious because i this outfit is pretty toned down when compared to my some of my other ensembles. At least, i think that's what they were looking at.

What i wore:
Jacket (F21)
Shirt (Vintage)
Skirt (F21)
Tights (Target)
Shoes (Bakers)
Bag ( Franchesca's Boutique)

photo credits go to my bestie!
I'm back to my usual "All Black Mondays" and today, the all black attire actually matches my glum mood. In an attempt to lift my spirits, i stuck a red flower in my hair and wore red heels, i'm hoping it works.

What i wore:
Blazer (Sisley- thrifted)
Sheer Shirt ( thrifted)
Pants( Victoria's Secret)
Shoes (Joey O)
Bag (Franchesca's Boutique)
Flower ( Target)

When I got to work i was told that i channeling this beautiful songstress, who made florals (white gardenias) in her hair, her signature.

Photo credits go to my Bestie!

My lovely sister got me this skirt as a "Just Because You're Such An Awesome Older Sis" gift. And i have to say i love it. First off, receiving gifts is always fun, and "just because" gifts are even better. The fullness of the skirt plus *pockets* make a winning combination anytime. The color of the skirt suggests more of a spring-like skirt, but as it seems, i can't wait that long. At the first hint of warmth in the forecast, i broke it out and paired it this oh-so-bright white shirt

What i wore:

Shirt (Zara)

Jacket (Dots)

Skirt (Anthro)

Tights (CVS)

Shoes (Go Jane)

Bag (Franchesca's)

photo credits go to the Manfriend!
That's actually what my brother said upon seeing me.I decided to play along and embraced my "bullfighter costume" by breaking out into random marches (where i act like i'm bullfighter) and the occasional battle cry of "Ole!!!"

Random Fact About Real (as opposed to imaginary) Bullfighting:

*Spanish bullfighter's capes are usually pink and gold, but red is also used. Contrary to popular belief ,these colors are used not to provoke the bulls, but because it is easier for the spectators to see. The bulls are actually color blind and are bred to be aggressive.

(google images)

What i wore:
Cape/Poncho- Thrifted
Pants -Body by Victoria
Boots -American Eagle For Payless
Sweater -Max Rave
Bag- Franchesca's

OLE!! (hehehe)

Photo credits go to the Manfriend!
i always end up distracted by other things when i'm supposed to be studying. take for instance when i was supposed to be reading for my very exciting econ class,i ended up watching How to Marry A Millionaire with Marilyn Monroe, Betty Grable and Lauren Bacall .A humorous movie about how people make plans, and then life happens, something everyone can relate to. I'm in love with the ladies' incredibly glamourous wardrobe for the movie; filled with chic hats, high waisted skirts, beautiful gowns and luxurious furs that made the movie even more fun watch.

Which led me to googling Marilyn Monroe (when i was supposed to be doing practice problems) and found this :

Which served as the inspiration for this outfit as interpreted by me. I finally got to wear this satin button down that seems a bit too short to wear any other way but tucked in.

shirt-express, Skirt (dress worn as skirt ), Tights- Target, Shoes -Bakers, Bag- Franchesca's Collection, Sweater- Target, Belt-Dots
*Photo credits go to my sis Lachmeister!
There was a palpable excitement in the air today, not in my 8 o clock class though because everyone was still asleep in there, but after that, excited people everywhere. Most likely because the 44th and First African American President, Barack Obama was inaugurated into office today. It was such a beautiful occasion, and even though i'm not in Washington, its incredibly exciting to know that i was able to witness history being made. And more importantly i'll even have documentation of what i was wearing. Hehe!

As far as my clothes, I couldn't resist wearing my pink coat again today. Plus, it was just what i needed for today's dip in temperatures because it was once again in the teens when i left home this morning. I wore pants that could be seen as pushing the boundaries of "office appropriate" pants simply because they're so fitted(or tight-like according to my sister). Thankfully i work in a very business casual work place and i have a gray cardi which i think balances out the super fitted look of the pants..

Coat (vintage)
Gray Cardi ( Target)
Shirt (Target)
Pants (Victoria Secret)
Boots (Gojane)
Gloves ( F21)
Bag (Target)

Photo credits go to my ever considerate Manfriend!