The last time i wore this skirt, i took part in an outfit challenge that required me to come up with different ways to wear a skirt. I ended up choosing a skirt my younger sister bought me on a whim (she actually said,"i knew you'd either love it or hate it immediately) and thankfully, i ended up LOVING it. I chose this skirt because I figured it would be a bit of a challenge to wear often as it had such an eye-catching pattern. These were the looks i created for the challenge.

Outfit 1: wore it as a skirt Outfits 2 and Outfit 3: skirt is worn as a top

This is how i wore it on wednesday. For a bit of a different look, i went w/ a navy blue button down this time. (As you can see, i love items that i can switch up and wear 1000 times....)

Shirt- target, skirt- anthro, belt-thrifted, shoes- urban original
photocredits go to the Nimsta!
***And a big thank you to Lavish Mag, who gave me a nice shoutout on their blog! Check it out Here!! ****
Hope you guys have a fantastic weekend!
When i looked thru the HVS(House of Versatile Style) website, the first thought that came to mind was FUN!! The pieces from HVS' most recent collection "The City" is definitely not for wallflowers as the patterns are vibrantly bold and feature fantastically eye-catching color combinations. The styles range from loose tops to tiered dress and include pieces that would work as that"it" piece, in most closets.
The talented head designer Bukky Are, is only 21 and designs while juggling college work which is a full time job in itself. Bukky was kind enough to answer a few questions to tell us more:

1. Most designers design for themselves first. Please tell us what inspired you to begin create clothes?
Its definitely the other way around. I work on my collection before i even think of my self at all . Design is really my comfort zone so i really do it because its fun for me and makes me happy.

2. Your clothes are beautiful. Especially your City Collection. Can you tell us a little about it and what inspired it?
Thank you!My Inspiration for The City" was definitely my travel, getting to see how different people from extremely different cultures dress

3. How did you get into the fashion industry? Who is the typical woman for whom you design your clothes?
It happened about four year ago , a friend of mine had a show and asked me to put something together for showcase.I did the show and the response was amazing , so here i am today.I design for any woman really, my favorite being the daring.

4.Where do you draw inspiration for your designs from? Does your culture affect your designs and how?
Inspiration for me really comes from everything and anything.From the fabric stores to even the cocktail parties, inspiration for me is everywhere

4. Has your design aesthetic changed as you’ve matured in your craft or do you have one set vision that you’ve stuck with it?
My vision has not changed its only enhanced , Our goal at HVS is to create a line where people can define there own style.As a artist you grow and learn new techniques , i definitely have grown as an artist and business woman.

5. Do you have any style tips for the readers?
Comfort! Being fabulous is being Comfortable.When you have comfort you 're confident.Trust me, confidence can make even a little black dress look like a million bucks.

6. If you had to describe your collection in 3 words what would they be?
Versatile, Sexy and Eclectic

7. Are your designs available for purchase and who are the stockists?
Yes they are available online at the moment, we are currently in talks with some buyers in the U.S, W.Africa and Canada

8. Last but not least, what does the future hold for The House of Versatile Styles? What upcoming events can we see you at, any in Atlanta?
Only Heaven knows. There are some fashion weeks we have been invited to showcase @ for Spring 2010 so we will definitely keep you informed. Atlanta is home to HVS we shoot here all the time.

Here's a little taste.Enjoy!

Photo credits go to Kb Bishi and Kareem Yearwood and Make up by Ola Opara
Meet the beautiful Head Designer Ms. Bukky Are!
Go check out House of Versatile Style for more of The City Collection!
Theres's a sweet feeling that comes from knowing that you know someone remarkably well. But the feeling is even sweeter when you find out "they" know you just as well. The Manfriend picked out and bought me these lovely and new favorite shorts while away on a trip. I got a lot of compliments on them, which made me smile and proudly announce repeatedly "my boyf got them for me"...
The scarf... well its been a while since i've donned a scarf due to the relentless summer heat and humidity. However, today i made and exception due to a hair malfunction. I'm learning my hair and decided to try 2-strand twists...and i don't think i did it properly and i didn't have time to fix it as i had to head to school for my final exams. Hence the scarf....easy fix.

shirt- men's hanes shirt, shorts- gift from the Manfriend, shoes- target, scarf-thrifted

photocredits go to the Nimsta
To answer a question that i'm asked frequently in comments and emails:

Have any tips for thrifting?

Well my lovelies, i shop any and everywhere. I do drivebys thru thriftstores and Target every other day. Just checking in for bargains. I play lots of mind tricks on myself (sad but true) to keep from spending up to $100 in a thriftstore...or F21...which usually means, i'll be drinking water for lunch for the next 2

Here are a few tips/tricks that most are already familiar with, but i keep in mind while shopping.

Mindtrick #1: Set a spending limit and stick to it. I usually leave my wallet in my car, and walk in w/ an alloted amount of money...say $10-$20. That way i'm forced to only hold onto pieces i'm in love with as i only have a limited amt of money to spend.

Mindtrick #2: Don't feel obligated to find treasure. If u go in, and look around and nothing catches your eye, just walk out. If u have to talk yourself into buying something, you're prob not going to get much wear out of it.

Mindtrick# 3: Spotting treasure. i'm attracted to bright patterns. If u find something you like, examine it and make sure it fits, no stains...etc. If you 're a sewing whiz, you have a few more options as you can alter lengths and widths or just make something new. If you're still a beginner like moi or don't know how to sew, if it doesn't fit, leave it. I have countless pieces of thrifted items that i "planned to fix" so i could wear them that have been sitting in the same spot for months. Learn from my mistakes and don't waste your money on pieces you won't

Mindtrick #4: Size is just a number. Try on pieces that you like. I've found gorgeous pieces that fit like a dream, but the size written on the tag says otherwise. So donot hesitate to try it on.

These few are just the tip of the iceberg. So to my seasoned veterans of thrift shopping, what are some of your thrifting tips?
This is how i dress to go bike riding. It takes a special skill to pedal uphill in 4inchers but its one of my many
I've found my lbd that every woman is supposed to have, and mine happens to be velvet. A little confession: I didn't care for velvet until i found the dress. I'm still not a velvet lover, but i LOVE this dress.

Dress and jacket- thrifted, shoes- urban originals
Life is way to short for us to not enjoy it the best ways we know how. I've worn this outfit before but i kept it really simple. So this time, i added 2 colors for a fun and summery twist on black and white.

Skirt-old navy, shirt-macys, belt-thrifted, shoes-urban originals

photocredits go to Nimsa!
I have to say, i'm very blessed. I'm having one of the BEST weeks ever. On tuesday, myself and a classmate(we were talking after class when we approached a man who sold random jewelry on the street) were given free trinkets. He told us to take WHATEVER we wanted because he was feeling GENEROUS! (wow)!
I was overwhelmed and incredibly surprised, but wasted no time in picking out a pair of dangly earrings which i will showcase later this week.
Also, I'm going to Atlanta's International Fashion Week!!!! (yay!!!) So if you see me at an event, donot hesitate to come over and say hi!
Wearing my "paint-splotched" styled over-sized dress(worn on my birthday). Its a couple sizes too big, but i love the colors, so i made it work (hence the big black belt)
Hope you guys are having a fantastic week as well!!!!

Dress -thrifted, black skirt worn underneath-f21, shoes-steve madden
photocredits go to my sis Nimsta!!!!!!
The Atlanta International Fashion Week begins today!
This is my favorite shade of blue. I found this blue blazer,and couldn't resist wearing it despite the heat outside.In my defense, its really cool in the office, so it worked out. Am I the only one that gets a little shy during photoshoots? Being that i take my pics outside(usually somewhere public ie: on the streets of Atlanta)for the good light, i'm subject to a lot of confused stares and wary looks. Does anyone else get a bit self-concious during their photoshoots? Do tell!

dior blazer and plaid skirt- thrifted, tank- f21, shoes- BCBG, clutch- couture collection

photocredits go to the Nimsta and lil bro!
I don't wear this shirtdress enough, even though i love how it looks on me when i finally get a chance to put it on. Easy enough to run errands comfortably and grab sunday brunch with some of my favorite girls(my mom and sister).

dress-macys, belt and purse-thrifted, shoes-pink duchess
This right here is my inspiration to learn to sew. I love looking thru Vlisco's collections. This is the latest one called Eclat de Nature (Outbursts of Nature).
I secretely wish that i could create such gorgeous designs! But i'll settle for owning one. lol. Happy Friday!!

photocredits: Fah-schyon
So much pink today.And i'm all smiles. I'm in a really, really great mood. Probably the relief that comes with the clarity of knowing where you're going... I'll elaborate on another day. Hope you guys have a fantastic day!

photocredits go to the Nimstas!
Happy Monday Everyone!
Not to start off too sappy, but you lovely bloggers who stop by and whisper sweet nothings in my ears, I appreciate it. You guys are making me feel all warm inside and leave me grinning with glee .lol. Seriously though, i really appreciate the emails and the comments. So, a very big THANK YOU to you all.
Ok, today’s outfit started off with the flirty floral dress that left me doubting its appropriateness for the office. Thankfully, I have The Vest aka, the perfect piece to transform the dress to appropriate office wear(at least in my book). I found it while thrifting past this weekend. Definitely going to be playing dress up with this vest. Very soon.
*Go here to see how i wore the dress in the winter.

dress and vest- thrifted, shoes- hypnotic, purse- franchesca boutique

photo credits go to the Nimsta!!
What i wore for work, for casual friday. Its been a while since my legs were covered up,partly because of the heat and partly(mostly) because i love not having to wear pants. But i figured, my pants were feeling neglected as i only swoon over dresses and skirts with pockets. So, meet my favorite jeans. They're gray and really comfortable. And, they compliment nearly everything in my closet. Did i mention they're quite comfortable? Which is why i didn't hesitate to pair it with my bright jacket.

jeans-f21, floral jacket-thrifted, yellow tank- target, shoes- bakers

photocredits go to the Nimsta!
New favorite dress. Like i said before, when i find something i like, i pretty much kill wearing it to death.

the detail on the bottom portion of the dress

dress and purse- thrifted, blue oversized cardi-target, shoes-miss me
photo credits go to the Manfriend and the Nimsta!