These beautiful pictures have been sitting in my inspiration folder for a while so i'm finally sharing it. Sadly, i've forgotten who the designer was so if anyone knows who it is, please share and i'll update.

The pictures are of Namibian model Venantia Otto and the pictures were shot in Livingston, Zambia.

Photo credits: African Vibes
*Thanks to those of you who contacted me with information*
This is an outfit from last week. I got a bit swamped with school work and my crazy schedule and did not get a chance to post it. At a quick glance, it looks like a dress, but its actually a tunic top worn over a hiked skirt. Plus,it gives my necklace a chance to shine.
The top is a few sizes too big, but i couldn't pass up the chance to quietly show off my money makers: My shoulders. Very subtle.

Top- Mai Tai, skirt- thrifted, jacket-f21, Shoes-Joey O

photocredits go to the Manfriend!
As with most of my native clothes, i inherited..cough *borrowed but never returned* this outfit from my sweet mom. I rarely dress up in the outfits completely wearing the top and bottom together unless there is a special event. Again i like borrowing *cough stealing* native pieces from my mom because there's so much history behind them. That and because that's the cheapest way for me to get my hands on native clothes being that i cannot sew yet. I plan to learn to sew basic patterns before this year is over.

One of the misconceptions i had about maintaining my natural hair was that it would be too much work and i would not be able to do much with. I'm really glad that so far, i've been wrong. I will admit that i have been leaning toward more feminine clothes since i started wearing my hair naturally...very interesting.However, today, i'm rocking my go to outfit formula: Button down shirt + X = Easy.

shirt-Target,Shorts and shoes and necklace- F21

photocredit go to the Manfriend!
There's been a chill in the air for the past few days. I've had to break out a few of my winter gear for the chilly mornings. But i won't let a little cold weather deter me from embracing spring. Which to me means wearing this kimono-like wrap top which i love but rarely wear. I'm hoping to change that.

Kimono- Pants- Dots, Shoes-Bakers, Knit beret- H&M, Jacket-F21

Photocredits go to the manfriend!
Its stripes galore. Yesterday, i wore a striped shirt, today a striped dress. I love this dress. Last time i wore it, it was as a shirt, but i decided to show off the dress in its entirety today. And Yay for new shoes, check my footwork.

dress-newport news, jacket-5-7-9, shoes- Steve Madden.

Photocredits go to the Manfriend!
I found this fun striped top on a thrift trip. Weirdly, the top is actually a shirt bodysuit/leotard/ unitard form and i figured, i have to have it as every girl needs a bodysuit/unitard-like shirt in her closet right? Oh, and my eyes pretty much disappear when i laugh.

shirt-thrifted, jeans-dots, shoes-aerosoles
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Let me start off by apologizing for my sporadic posting this week, and unfortunately, its going to remain this way for the next two weeks. i'm doing an intense pre-summer course and its taking up most of my time. I'm counting down till the class ends.But not to worry, i will continue to post, but not as often as i usually do.

jacket- b's closet, shirt-zara, scarf-thrifted, cropped pants-anthropologie, shoes-promise
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My newest inspiration for the summer is Sun Goddess . With fun dresses and a variety of looks that look so luxurious and fun, i can't help but be inspired. Sun Goddess was founded by South African couple Vanya and Thando Mangaliso in 1994 as part of the reconstruction of South Africa to "preserve the African heritage while promoting a sense of meaning".
Their Spring/Summer 09 collection is a range of wearable unique but feminine pieces that beautifully accentuate the female form. Dresses in rich greens, blues and splashes of white, as well as ruffles and bubble hems, beautifully invoke visions of a glamourous summer. The hemlines range from elegant floor sweeping dresses, to short and flirty for the more daring. All in all, providing a wide variety of dresses to choose from and be inspired by for the summer.

photos from Mimi Magazine
After my week long school vacation, i'm back in school. 8am classes everyday for the next month. Meaning, convenience will be the name of the game for the next few weeks.
My weekend of freedom was fantastic. I learned to Rumba and Salsa, finally watched Slumdog Millionaire (such a great movie) and found new black shoes to add to my growing collection of shoes. Plus i was fortunate enough to celebrate Mother's Day with a caring mother. All in all, a fantastic weekend. Here's to an even better upcoming week :-)
I also rebraided my hair (for those who noticed), for 2 reasons. The most important being the afore mentioned convenience factor, the second is to allow my hair a break.

Jacket-BCX, Lace Shirt -Express, Skirt -Target, Shoes-Bakers
Photocredits go to The Manfriend!
I actually did not like this dress at first glance because it seemed really dated. Oddly, it caught my attention because i'm a sucker for most things flowery, plus the green flowers on the dress are in my favorite shade of green,so I gave it a chance and tried it on and I was surprised that i liked the fit of it.Plus it has pockets.

Dress-thrifted,Jacket-Arizona, Shoes-Aldo Rossini

photocredits go to the Manfriend!!
Bright colors, especially complementary colors, make me feel better about getting dressed when the weather is kind of dreary outside. That and making lists. Here the top three on my list:
1. I'm looking forward to the weekend's activities
2. I'm really glad my endless campouts at the school library paid off. I mean i was locked in the library studying on my birthday. lol ( i received my grades, and i thank God!!)
3. Tomorrow is going to be a fun-filled adventure.

trench-b's closet, tank-target, skirt-thrifted, shoes- bakers
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I'm still in the process of discovering different things to do with my hair without making all my hair fall out.I decided on a whim to have my mom braid my hair this morning, for a bit of a different look. And i couldn't resist breaking out my favorite spring blazer. I just had to.

blazer- express, tank-target, skirt -f21 , clutch- couture collection
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I 've gone so long without wearing navy, and now it seems like for the past few days, most of my outfits consist of it in some way. Today, I'm wearing black and navy, so its almost an all-black monday ensemble, but not quite. I've wanted to try the black-navy blue combination for a while but i was kind of hesitant at first because black and navy are such dark hues especially when worn together. But with the red highlights, i like how it turned out.

Shirt-( dress)-Express, Skirt-Next, Shoes-Joey O
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I'm wearing navy again, but not on purpose. I happened to find another button down shirt to add to my collection of button-down shirts while on one of my routine Target drive-bys. I studied all day so i rewarded myself by lunching w/ a new friend and people watching at the Underground. Always very interesting.

shirt- target, skirt- Goodys, shoes- Newport News
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