Lately, i've been a little smitten with plaid. However, when i saw this top while thrifting, i didn't like it. But i liked that it was plaid and thought that i could rework it for a sewing project. I haven't gotten around to reworking it just yet, but i'm kinda digging the sleeves on it. I paired it with a plaid patterned skirt that i've had for a while now and should probably wear more often.

Top- American Living, Skirt-Thrifted, Jacket- F21, Boots- Charlotte Russe

Photocredits go to the Nimsta!
I hope everyone (more so my U.S readers) had a safe and fun Thanksgiving Holiday. Its the day after Thanksgiving and my heart is light but the rest of me is not. I definitely ate alot, and danced my heart out so i am incredibly tired this morning. So i definitely needed an outfit that was little to no fuss and very comfy. Thankfully, the weather was just right so i've been able to get away with the shrug as my only covering for most of the day.

Dress- Old Navy, Shrug- F21, Boots- UrbanOg
Guess what a certain someone now does when she's bored? if you guessed "play dress up and take pictures" you're absolutely correct. For me, playing dress up allows me to discover pieces in my closet that would otherwise be forgotten. Plus, I just realized that i really enjoy being behind the camera, even as much as i enjoy being infront of it.

Sequinned dress- F21, Headband and feathered boa- party city, boots- Urban Org
Ok, more like sitting pretty, in leaves. I couldn't resist playing in the leaves for a little while as i took pictures, and it was kind of fun till i got a splinter stuck my palm. oh the pain. Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. As for me, I worked, i partied and i recovered. Good times were had by all. Here's to a fun week.

I went out after work, a few nights ago, and didn't get a chance to take any pictures, but my sister got a pretty good shot of me. Its a sheer black top and a silver vest paired with black skinny pants and black platform pumps.

Its my busiest day and last day of classes before Thanksgiving break and i can't deny my excitement because i really love the holiday season. I've even started my christmas shopping. My chunky knit sweater, is one that i "borrowed" from my mom's closet.

Sweater-Mom's closet, Skirt- 579, Shirt- F21, Boots- Charlotte Russe, Purse- Thrifted
Hey guys,
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I found this dress at F21 last week and couldn't wait to "winterize" it. I wore it this past weekend as it was a bit warm. Paired this whole look with one of my favorite finds of the summer: these brown platforms. They're incredibly cute, but i can't say they're one of the most comfortable shoes i own. I don't wear mustard often, but i'm definitely warming up to it.

Cardi- Target, Dress- F21, Tights- Walmart, Shoes- Pink Duchess
Freeze Jive Sucker!
Was the first thought that came to mind when i saw a reflection of myself. I love dressing up, and accidentally dressing up as a random fictional character; even better.I guess i'll be channeling a 70s crime fighter today. Complete with bell bottom like pants, aviators and afro.

Vest and pants- Macys, Blouse- Target, Shoes- Charlotte Russe
This past weekend was ridiculously fun. And the unusually warm and gorgeous weather was just icing on the cake because it allowed me to be tightless for a few days. In case you missed rhe previous post, i took out the braids to let my hair just be for a bit. i've missed playing in my afro(which i've named Tari)lol. Today also seemed like the right day to pull out another sequined favorite, and i paired it with a skirt because it was actually too hot for me to wear pants. Crazy!

Sequined Blouse- Thrifted, Skirt- 579, Shoes- Charlotte Russe

I took my braids out! Meet my afro Tari, she's shy hence her shrunken state.
This romper/jumper is another find from anthro. Love! this right here is my inspiration and drive to learn to sew even if its the last thing i do. I paired the romper with a black longsleeved shirt and one of my favorite black blazers with a satin lapel. I like to keep an eye out for seemingly simple details that add a little something extra.

Blazer- thrifted, romper- anthro, tights- target, shoes- charlotte russe
For a celebratory dinner this past weekend, i wore a dress i've had in my closet for a while now. A few months ago, I went on a daytrip with the Manfriend. On our way, we passed by a thriftstore, and decided to stop in and browse around. While i was looking thru the dresses, a a fellow shopper,approached me with this dress in hand, handed it to me and said, "here, you seemed like you'd like this dress". I was incredibly suprised, but i thanked her and headed to the nearest dressing room to try it on.i'm grateful to that kind shopper, partly because she was right, i instantly loved the beautiful sky bluish color and 80's prom ruffles. The other part...she definitely made my day.

Happy Monday!!
I had a pretty chaotic weekend but found a few moments to just relax. Very few things can beat easy fall days, with the sun shining, hanging out with my siblings.

top and tights-target, skirt- F21, flats- TJMaxx
I'm dressed for mostly comfort today. I had tons of things to do. From an exam in the morning to running errands afterwards. I figured my sequined top would add a little sparkle, ok a lot of which instantly adds a little excitement to my mood. What can i say, i'm a sucker for sequins.

Top- Express, Jeans-JLO, Boots- UrbanOg, Coat-F21
Another outfit inspired by the beautiful fall foliage. And introducing one of my blazer purchases from the summer. A blazer i like to call, the "Red Blaze", yes i know its weird to name your clothes and to that i have no good response. But,I've been waiting for the weather to cool down so i could wear this blazer comfortably. I'm loving how easily it transforms a basic outfit into something a bit more exciting.
*And to answer the numerous questions i've received about these platforms, from readers and just random ppl who've seen me in them.
And my answer is:
Yes, the platforms are quite high, but they're quite comfortable.No joke.