It was a little dreary this weekend. Lots of rainfall and wetness and no sun. On rainy days, i usually add large doses of color to my outfits and today was no different. The top was a recent find from Target, i saw it in blue as well but i picked this orange one because oddly,i don't think i have orange in my closet.
By the way, i saw the new movie by Quentin Tarantino, Inglorious Bastards and it was pretty good.

blouse-target,pants-anthropology, shoes

photocredit goes to the Nimsta!
I've been a bit absent, forgivie me, hecticness abounds! But, because sharing is caring, i'm sharing the newest inspiration that left me speechless at first glance.

Vlisco. They have done it again! Done what you ask? Well apart from blow my mind, they have launched a new line of beautiful and eye-catching fabrics. And then combined with their designers who bring the already vivacious fabrics to life, one word comes to my mind : Wow!


pictures from Trendy Africa
I wrote off k-mart a while back for some reason or another...probably because in high school, it was one of those places that i was "too cool" to shop at. Plus with the allure of teen "boutiques" like f21 and h&m, K-mart just seemed to pale in comparison. The manfriend bought me this pretty top, surprisingly,from k-mart(thanks darl) which means, i'll have to check them out every once in a while.Maybe add it to my routine shopping drivebys..
Other exciting news: i'm learning to work a room and getting over my networking shyness...because as an accounting major," u just gotta let that shyness go"...good stuff

shirt-the manfriend(kmart), pants- anthropology, shoes- anne michelle.

photocredits go to the little one!
I got this skirt a few weeks ago from target from the tracy feith line. Its ridiculously bright but i like it. And it has pockets....and we all know that i love skirts/dresses with pockets. I've worn it a few times, but this is the first time i'm putting it on the blog. The top i believe i've had in my closet for almost 2 years but never wore. Which means its on its way out of my closet because i like having pieces that i love to wear...and not seeing the light of day for 2 years is not love.

shirt-Macys, Skirt- Target, Shoes
Occasionally, i'll go back and look thru my beginning days as a blogger...its funny stuff. My style has changed a bit, but in many ways has remained the same. I'm a bit more creative now, and a bit riskier with my wardrobe choices.i think this was the very first outfit i put posted. Be

As you can see, i was very much a matchy-matchy type of chick(a part of me still is).
Ok, just in case a few ppl noticed that i'm posting a bit less and not commenting on your blogs anymore, its because school is back in full swing. And between a full-time job, a heavy course load which includes lots of homework, being an active blogger has gotten a lot harder for me to pull off, so forgive me. I'm debating quitting blogging but this is a fun creative outlet for me,so we'll see what happens.In the mean time,i'm gonna try something new. I'm disabling my comments for a while, so no one feels obligated to comment as i won't be able to comment back like i usually do. But if there's anything u want me to know, drop me a line thru my email because i reply emails for sure.

Outfitwise, please scroll down to the dress i cut a few days ago...go ahead....

Ok, welcome back. When i cut the dress, i saved the scraps because i REALLY LOVE the fabric. I reworked it into a kinda cropped top. Thankfully, no sewing was involved in the reworking. Problem is, i have no idea where i'll be wearing this outfit...maybe tonight when i meet up with some friends. Problem solved. TGIF!!

Top- Reworked, Skirt-F21, Shoes- Urban Originals

Photocredits go to the Lachmeister.
Guess who's got a new do!!
With school starting, i needed a hairstyle that would be more low maintenance. 8am classes( especially as a commuter)allow for less time to dedicate to doing my hair each morning. Hence my fresh look a little lion with my new mane..and i like it!!

Shirt-NY&CO, Skirt-F21, Shoes-Urban Originals
Photocredits go to the Nimsta!!

Meet "Nettie-May" my one of my favorite home-skillet, i'm a cornball). She gave up her day on sunday to do my hair. Thanks luv!!!lol
This weekend, I wore this outfit out to dinner with one of my closest friends (shout out to Nettie We had a fantastic time playing catch up. Yummy dinner, fruitie drinks and old friends, make for very good times. Because that's what friends are forrrr. School resumes this upcoming week. I still get the nervous/excited feeling that i got in first grade when i think about school starting in the fall.I thought it'd go away as i got older. It hasn't.

Dress-Rugged, Shoes- Bakers,clutch-Couture collection

Photocredits go to the Nimsta!
I celebrated a huge first today. This is actually the first time I've cut a dress. I cut this dress to its current length from its original ankle length. I'd never cut a dress/skirt for fear i'll mess it up as i can't sew that well with a machine(hemming by hand takes so long...*i'm a bit impatient*).But i took a chance with this dress because i like the fun print and easy fabric and i really wanted to wear it. And i LOVE how it turned out. The ends are a bit crooked, but i think i can hem it later. I spent the day with my younger sister, and I wore the dress out for a test run with my second pair of new gladiator sandals. I went downtown to school to get some books, then stopped at Atlantic Station for lunch. Good times in fun dresses! TGIF

oh, and i'm featured on Mimi Magazine's blog. Its a huge delight because its one of my favorite sites! Check out the Mimi Magazine site here!

photocredits go to the Nimsta!!
I finally succumbed to the gladiator flats trend. And in typical fashion,i found one w/ loads of

Dress- H&M, Shoes-Paprika

Photocredits go to the Nimsta!
I planned this outfit around my earrings. They're so dainty and pretty and i'm so impressed that the Manfriend picked these out for me. I paired it with easy black and white as i've been rocking prints hard for the past few days.

shirt-zara, skirt- target, pumps- anna michelle.
Sorry about the lack of post guys. I've been having some computer isssues. My fairly new laptop just died on me, and after spending a total of 6 hours with hp tech support troubleshooting, i finally sent it back to the manufacturers. Hopefully they'll send my baby back soon and good as new. So forgive the sporadic posting.I'll do

My outfit consists of 2 skirts from F21. The sweater was thrown on for the office(And y'all know I like skirts that can multitask).

Skirts- F21, Shoes- Urban Originals

Photocredits go to the Lachmeister!
A few weeks back, i found this dress and it wasn't my size but i grabbed it anyway because i love the vibrant colors on it. When i took it home, it turns out, my mom had seen the exact same dress and almost got it for me but did not because it was a few sizes too big. Funny. I figured, i'd give the dress a shot in its unaltered state because i usually cut and hem my longer dresses( ahem, i have an affinity for shorter lengths). Also, the floral collection in my closet keeps expanding...

Dress-Thrifted, Shoes-Hypnotic
One of my favorite things to do is to put on my most comfy shoes and go for a walk. I'm usually the one in my group of friends, suggesting that we go outside for a leisurely stroll.And my friends/siblings love me for it(most of the time) So on my day off, me siblings and i decided to explore the streets of Atl and find things to do that wouldn't cost us any money(apart from food).

1.Riding the escalators @ the Peachtree Center Marta Station
*we did not ride marta, we just rode the escalators...just for of my sisters compared it to a roller

2. Next stop was the Peachtree Center Underground Mall
Its a nice shady spot to rest after street exploration(or after lunch @ the mall). And there's a pretty cool sculputure to look at while you rest.

3.The Bridge from the PCU Mall to some random parking deck...Nothing special here, just got some pretty cool pics here w/ the bridge in the background...

4. My favorite place of all the places we "explored". The Suntrust Building. Beautiful Sculptures and lush water fountains...another great place to just chill after loads of walking/eating.

5. The Marquis...just some pretty sculptures in front of the building..we didn't go inside.