Once again, title....completely unrelated, its another Goapele song that's stuck. Today was truly a gorgeous day outside. It was sunny and the air was crisp although a little nippy in the morning. I'm taking time to appreciate and enjoy the gradual changes in the weather and everything else that's a blessing in my life. I was kinda bummed out earlier this week...nothing in particular just felt glum. But thank God for the wonderful ppl who are around me, who keep me smiling and i'm glad to say i'm feeling much much better. Thanks for listening P.
Go here to see how i wore this dress last time. I thought it was time to show off this dress in its entirety. Of course i picked a chilly day, so i paired it with thigh high socks and boots and my trench and headed out the door.

dress- don't remember, boots and socks- target,
Thanks for taking my pics Morris!
That title has absolutely nothing to do with my post. I 've just had the song by Goapele stuck in my head all day. I like today's combination...its not for the faint of heart but i think it came out nicely.

Dress worn as shirt- thrifted, Skirt-Thrifted, Shoes- UrbanOrig
Photocredits go to the Nimsta!
I really like the simple colors of this blouse. And this giant clutch...yes. It called my name when i saw it a few months ago. Its perfect for days when i don't want to haul my world around in my usual big bagged glory.Like today.
Oh, and something that caught me completely off guard this weekend:
Do most women start from their shoes and work their way up when planning an outfit?
I'd never heard of this until this past weekend...and i've heard it from 2 unrelated sources...(aka it came from friends who donot know each other. lol)
Educate me guys, is it true or am i just completely out of the loop?

blouse- thrifted, skirt-target, clutch-gianni bini
photocredits go to the Nimsta!!
I picked up this pretty dress, from Dots a while back and just got around to wearing it. The dress was perfect worn with leggings/tights because its a jersey so it won't wrinkle as i planned to be in my second home(aka the library) all day and didn't want to fuss about my too-short dress wrinkling, plus the library gets kinda chilly. I threw on my wing belt for something interesting to look at, and added my ever present sneaks, as they're colorful and definitely fun to look down at. I'm soooooo glad i bought these sneakers because they're pretty comfortable and contrary to what i thought when i first saw them, they're actually really easy to wear.... Of course now i think i need a new pair of sneakers.

Dress- Dots, Bag and tights- Target, Sneakers- Converse,

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I rarely post pics of myself when i go out in party gear because of 2 reasons:
1) i usually decide to go out at the last min,so i never remember to take pics
2) i usually just throw on shorts, a tank and heels... i like it super simple and to me those outfits are not really blog worthy
But this past weekend, i made plans w/ some friends to meet up after work for drinks and dancing. So i broke out my current favorite outfit aka the romper and threw a skirt on over it for a corset look. The jacket was for work, and was thrown off when it was time to dance.
Hi i'm Diane and i kill favorite clothes by wearing them to death. Sharing is caring.

Romper worn as a Corset Top- Anthropologie, Skirt- Macys, jacket- american rag, shoes- bakers

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Ok, the weather girl lied!

Here i was, clad in boots and a raincoat with an umbrella in hand. Waiting for the rain to arrive...and nothing.Not even a drop. Which is ok by me, because the rain from monday will last us a while. I spent most of the day without the jacket because i got hot. I looove this dress. Its very comfortable and makes me feel a little like a gypsy.

Better view of the anorak jacket

Dress and anorak jacket- target, boots- charlotte russe

photocredits go to the Lachmeister!
It looks like its going to be a wet week in Georgia, which means lots of rain and wetness and gloomy weather. So i have to find ways to stay dry,and comfortable without boring myself to sleep. For the first day, i'm rocking a girly anorak jacket to a bit of glamour to regular raingear, and motorcycle boots from Target And colorful Umbrella**(yes, the colorful umbrella is important, amidst the see of black and navy blue ones, its nice to see a little color)**. The striped dress is a staple because put it on and boom!! done dressing.Happy Monday Folks, and for my Georgians, stay dry and safe on those roads...driving in Atlanta gets even more ridiculous when you add water.

Day 1 of the wetness: I'm wearing a target anorak jacket and boots, newport news striped dress and random umbrella i found at home.

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I definitely did not expect to jump on the romper/jumper bandwagon. Just not my style, or so i thought. Who knew all i needed was the right style and print? Reason # 57 why anthropologie is one of my favorite store: this romper. I LOVE this romper...the style, the print and it has pockets!!!! Nuff said.

Romper- Anthropologie, Shoes-f21, jacket- can't remember

Update, it started raining about 15mins before i left home, so i changed up my outfit a bit. I hate getting my feet wet. Hence the boots.

Romper-Anthro, Boots- Sweater- poof excellence

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pictures from Ladybrille Mag.
There’s a harmonious mashup of prints showcased thru modern shapes and style. I’m loving it! Jewel by Lisa NEVER disappoints, I’ d wear any and all of these in a hot second.

pictures from Ladybrille Mag
I feel pretty, oh so pretty,
I feel pretty and witty and bright
And i pity,
anyone that isn't me toniiiiiiiiighht!

That song is stuck. I think its the skirt...i'm feeling incredibly random so bare with me. I think i'll go rent west-side story. And sing along...feel free to join in.lol
I'm wearing one of the skirts i altered. It was below knee length to begin with, i hemmed it and today hiked it up a bit.

shirt and bag-target , skirt-thrifted and self altered, shoes-nine west

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I probably have no need to repeat that i love clothes that can multitask. I figured my mustard colored dress was the perfect item to break up the basic black and white combo i started off with. You can go here to see the dress in its entirety. I love the way the ruffles sit on the cardi...just right.

Cardi-target, anthropologie dress tucked in as shirt, skirt-f21, shoes- bcbg
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I kept it simple since i spent most of the day in the library, studying for one of my accounting classes in one the most comfortable and easy dresses i own. This dress invokes images of a 70s disco diva, dancing the night away at some groovy party. Yes i'm a certified cornball.lol.Maybe sometime soon i'll do this dress its proper justice and do just that. Glam it up and go dancing.

Dress-Thrifted, Flats- Wanted, Assorted Necklaces

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This may be my goodbye summer outfit. With the arrival of cooler weather, i'll have to dig out my sweaters,jackets,pants and tights. Ah tights, i'm going to miss exposing my bare legs and not having to drape them in tights or pants. However, don't be fooled, i'm excited for fall and some cooler weather.

Tank-Target, Skirt-Vunic shoes- UrbanOrg

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