Its crazy how it seems like the year has flown by.

There were lots of goods, bads, and even the ugly (which i won't bore you with)…and a few firsts…
In 2008 i:
*Got my first ticket
*Went to Helen, Ga (aka little Germany)- - ->day trips are awesome
*Celebrated the Cambodian New Year for the first time
*Rode in a air plane that was flown by the Manfriend. (best gift ever!)
*My sisters and I saw a celebration of the Chinese New Year (which was awesome)
*Caught the blogging bug, then lost interest, then restarted it again and have been going strong since (yay!)
*Finished my first batch of accounting classes with flying colors (Yay!)

In all, I’m pretty grateful and thankful to God for all I was blessed with this year. Here’s to bidding adieu and bereya (my language of Nembe for the word "goodbye") to the year 2008 and a Nuwao (welcome/hello ) to the year 2009.

I hope everyone has a safe but exciting New Year’s Eve!

I'm wearing:
Sequin Shirt (Vintage)
Skirt (vintage)
Tights (target)
Ankle Boots ( Gojane)
Jacket ( Urban Behaviour)
Clutch ( Burlington Coat Factory)
Gloves (F21)

Photo credits go to my youngest siblings, Nimsta and Little One!

If there was a right time to wear silver lace. I think today is the day.Being that its still holiday season, and today is the day before New Year's Eve, i figure its too early to break out the sequins and beading, but i still wanted to shine a bit. Hence, the silver skirt.

I found this strange but interesting skirt while thrifting on my lunch break a few weeks ago. It looked so out of place seating amidst numerous black and brown skirts. It seemed to be saying to me, "Take me home w/ you. You look like you could use a silver and lace skirt" and i thought to myself, "You know, i can use a silver skirt... i think i will take you home".

What i wore:
Black turtle neck (Macys)
Lace Skirt (Vintage)
Tights (layered -target)
Shoes (Bakers)
Necklace (Me!!)

Yes i'm dancing...i can't help myself...

Photo credits go to my bro Little One and my youngest sis Nimsta!
* i promise i was not trying to look smug, or channel the chin stroking Godfather as i did in the last pic. I was going for a "serious" look.
Pardon me, i 'm having a grab and go day. Mondays are always difficult for me. I can never seem to find anything that fits properly. i decided that the answer to this dilemna was to do the all black thing with a pop of color. I have a back shot of my outfit because i'm wearing my shirt backwards. The pop of color came from my shoes. Anyone w/ tips for making mondays a bit less melancholy, feel free to share.

Photocredits go to my sis Lachmeister!
The lovely Fashion Therapist has given me this really sweet award

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I wore this to work on friday. After the merriment of Christmas day, the last thing i wanted to do was go to work on Friday, so the next best thing was this button down shirtdress and cardi. It was like being in my favorite pajamas and comfy sweater.

What i wore:
Sweater (F21)
Shirtdress (Target)

Photocredits go to my brother Little One.


Yesterday was also my sister's birthday, and since i couldn't get off work to spend the day w/ her, i took her to a party being hosted by a friend. Before we went to dance the night away, we stopped for a pre-dance meal at IHOP. After scarfing down Chocolate Pancakes (Chocoholics Unite!!!), we headed over to the party were we proceeded to dance the night least till 4, because some of us have work in the morning.

Photocredits go to my barely legal sister Lachmeister!
( i 'm so sorry the pic is so blurry)
I wanted a necklace that was bold and different, and since i couldn't find one that matched what i wanted exactly, on a bored Sunday afternoon, i decided to make one. So, i went to Joann's and Walmart where i picked up these materials:

~Sateen Fabric
~Black Satin Ribbon
~Fabric Glue

The Process:

~I think it would be good to have a general idea of a pattern that you want to use. I wanted the rounded square shape i saw that my paper clip holder had.
~Then i traced the shape of the design (using pencil) onto the fabric.

~After i traced the shape, i proceeded to cut out the design. Then i cut out the length of ribbon that i wanted to use as the straps/closure for my necklace and glued it onto the neckpiece.
~I let the ribbon dry for 5 minutes.
~Then i arranged the rhinestones in the pattern that i intended to glue it on, allowing me to see what the final product would look like. Afterwhich, i attached the rhinestones, and allowed it to dry.
~This is how it turned out...

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------* Being that i am a total newbie @ working w/ fabrics, i did not know until after i'd finished my project that i should have used fabric stiffener . That would have made the neckpiece less flimsy and a lot sturdier.
* The edges of my necklace show fraying and i've just embraced the fraying as part of the design. I do plan on returning to Joann's and speaking w/ some of the fabric specialists to see if they have cloth that will be less likely to fray, or if there's something i can do to make the fraying less or prevent it in future projects.
*If anyone has any suggestions or tips or ideas that may work better, please feel free to do so.

pics of me wearing the necklace...

I know my post is early, but i will not be doing a post tomorrow.I do want to thank all the lovely people who stop by and especially those who take the time to comment. I know i haven't replied to comments or commented on blogs for the past few days due to the tons of last minute running around (and frolicking) that comes with the holiday season.
I will reply to the comments and i will post the diy for my necklace.
For my short stint @ work today (again leaving early due to the holidays), i 'm wearing a lovely silk floral skirt that i found yesterday. It was a little long for my taste, so i hemmed it a bit.
This is what i wore:
Coat (F21)
Skirt (Vintage)
Shirt (Target)
Tights (layered -both from target)
Shoes (Nine West)

Merry Christmas Everyone!!
I think the title of this post pretty much sums up my outfit for today. I bought this dress to the chagrine of my younger sister who believed that this dress was too extravagant to be worn anywhere. But i caught a glimpse of the dress and fell in love. The meticulous beading, the extravagant sequins, in theory make quite an excessive combination and usually i would run from such a combo, but since i'm blinded by love this dress is absolutely fabulous .To tone down the glitzyness of this dress, being that i am going to work, i kept my accesories to a minimum and wore dark colors too.
I'm off to work for a bit, then i get to leave early (yay!) and go frolicking w/ my siblings.

What i wore:
Beret ( "borrowed" from the Manfriend)
Dress (Vintage)
Tights (Target)
Sweater (Proenza Schouler)
Shoes (Bakers)

Photocredits go to my the Awesome Lachmeister!
I 'd talked about the unseasonally warm temperatures for the past couple of days because like many others here in Georgia, I've dreaming of a white christmas (i know that was corny, but tis the season :-D ) So imagine my pleasant surprise this morning when i walked out of my house, and it was a freezing 25 degrees, meaning, we just may get a white christmas day afterall.

However, my happiness was a bit short lived because i remembered that i had yet to take my pictures this morning. And i prefer to take my pictures outside. I had to smile to keep my lips from quivering. Oh the things one does for a blog.

The point of interest for my otherwise basic outfit is my necklace, which was inspired by the numerous glamorous and bold neckpieces i've seen throughout the season. Plus, i've been saying i was going to do a diy project for the longest time, so i thought i'd give a bib necklace a try. This is how it turned out..
This is what i wore:
Coat (Urban Behaviour)
Sweater and Shirt (F21)
Pants (MaxRave)
Shoes ( DSW )
Neckpiece (Moi! )

Photo credits go to my wonderful sister Nimster!


I've found another button down shirt that i've fallen in love with. In my sister's closet. It soft and loose fitting enough to be comfortable. Since I have to go to work, i 'm dressed to be comfortable at my desk and i'll still be able to meet up w/ some friends after work without having to go home and change (ahem....fall asleep).

Because i'm wearing a bright red shirt, I looked up the meaning of colors. I 've always known that red is the color of the color of power and nobility. But i didn't know that the effect of red is supposed to be stimulating and appetizing. Or that the mere perception of red color enhances the human metabolism. Or that the negative connotation of the color red did not originate until the 1500's. Random but interesting .

I'm wearing :
faux leather jacket (Dots),
hat (H &M),
Shirt (Thrifted),
Jeans (Macys),
Bag (Target)

Photo credits go to the Manfriend.
I'm wearing one of my nigerian native outfits in its entirety.The last time, i wore just the bottom piece. Click here to see how i wore just the bottom. Today i've got on top and bottom, and my favorite black blazer to give it a bit of office-appropriate sophistication.

I walked into the office this afternoon, and to my happy surprise, the office was decorated in colorful X-mas decorations. There seems to be a palpable excitement in the air. Is it just me, or do people seem happier at this time of year? People seem nicer, more at ease and even more jovial. And i have to say i really love it.

Hopefully, i will be attending a holiday party tonight. I say hopefully because lately, i'm really tired when i get home at the end of the day. So when i make plans to go out later in the evening (after work), i end up sleeping right thru numerous alarms and phone calls to wake up and go out. I 'm glad i have understanding friends and family who have not given up on me even though it seems i have a problem staying awake after 11pm. Again, hopefully history does not repeat itself.

This is what i wore:
Native Atire (Custom-Made)
Blazer (Thrifted)
Shoes (Joey O)

Photocredits go to the Magnetizing Manfriend!
I'm off today, and sadly, the sun is refusing to shine.Weirdly, its unusually warm for this time of year. I awoke this morning to a warm 72 degrees, so i did what someone who's starved for warm weather would do on a day like this. I brought out my shorts. But knowing the city that i live in, and how the weather here randomly changes i also grabbed a blazer.
I'm hoping to finish the remainder of my X-mas shopping today. Somehow, i didn't realize that X-mas day is next week.
I opted out of participating in the office wide secret santa gift exchange at my job for some personal reasons, but i'm interested in knowing if anyone else is participating at their jobs and if so why, or why not.
On that note, i'm off to finish my shopping!!
What i wore:
Blazer (Thrifted)
Shirt (INC)
Shorts (Tommy Hilfiger)
Ankle Boots (GoJane)

When i was a little girl in Nigeria, my parents, wanting me to have the best opportunities available to me when i grew up, sent me to a private school. I will save the stories from my elementary school days for another day.

However, what i will tell is that i had to wear what i thought was the most visually appalling uniform. The uniform was made up of an intensely magenta-colored button-down shirt and a reddish burgundy pinafore. The funny thing is that boys and girls alike had to wear these colors, except that boys had to wear shorts instead of a pinafore. I imagine that if i told my 8-year old brother that he had to wear a bright pink shirt to school, he would probably run away.

Anyway, after i arrived in the States and started going to a public school, i made a note to myself to steer clear of the reddish pink color. And i stuck to it for a while.... then look what happened to my legs today. But worry not, I think i finally made made peace with the color after all these years, and i think it turned out quite well.

Word of Caution: For those daredevils out there who will try to imagine those 2 colors together, be careful, you may damage your eyes. However, if i am able to locate any pictures of myself in my old school gear, i will be sure to post them :-D

This is what i wore:
Blazer (Thrifted)
Shirt (actually a silk jumsuit from f21)
Skirt (F21)
Tights (Target)
Shoes (Bakers)
Bag( Rampage)

Photocredits go to the Fantastic Manfriend!