This is my costume for Halloween. I'm the Queen of Hearts, but i think most of you probably figured it out. l wore it work, and had to keep explaining to people who i was. lol. Ok, my real costume is soon to be posted. And i did try to stay away from stereotypical sexy cop and stuff like that, but i didn't get very far warned. However, i am considering something along the lines of... a sexy

Blouse and purse-thrifted, pants- Anthro, Shoes- Bakers, Jacket-F21
The weather was gorgeous yesterday. I couldn't resist the urge to wear a skirt and my new boots. LOVE em, because they're surprisingly comfortable. I didn't feel like switching out purses because that's how i end up getting locked out of the office...or my house...or my Plus i'm all about random splashes of color.

skirt-anthro, Express dress worn as shirt, belt-f21, purse-thrifted, boots-UrbanOg
It pretty much rained all day today,so no outside pics. I had to find a lonely corner and take pics today. And yeah, that's right, i'm wearing the shrug...but one-armed. I really like the way it looks.

Shrug-F21, Pants-Dots, Shoes- Charlotte Russe, Purse- Thrifted, Scarf-Gift
I was browsing thru the racks at Anthro, and i found this lovely top. Its got a lovely draping detail in the front, and its silk... i'm such a sucker for silk tops. I think it added a nice touch to the layers of my outfit, especially paired w/ my new houndstooth cardi which i love as well. I can't believe i hadn't acquired any houndstooth pieces until now. And as you can see, i'm rain-ready with the boots.

Faux leather jacket-f21, houndstooth cardi and boots-target, blouse-anthro, jeans-dots, scarf-gift
I have finally come to accept that fall is finally here, and that summer is no more. This was my farewell to summer outfit. And yes, i am aware that i seem to find random themes to dress up for and i'm ok with that. It was a gorgeous day, and i knew it would be one of the last days that i'd be able to just seat outside and engage in one of my all-time favorite activities...reading. So i packed up some of my favorite books from my younger days and headed to the park, where i reread my favorite portions of books i love, and day-dreamed the afternoon away.

The autumn weather has been gorgeous these past few days in Atlanta, and nothing says "fall has arrived" like plaid. So i'm celebrating fall's arrival with a twist on plaid. And its pink with crazy lines. Nuff said. Also, I didn't expect pink and peach to go this well together.

blouse and tights -target ,skirt-anthro, pumps- charlotte russe, Coat- Kimchi Blue
To say that i'm enthralled by my new sneaks would be an understatement. Something about the deep blue color, cherries and the random bright yellow shoelaces caught my eye and reeled me in. I'm definitely going to enjoy dressing up with these. I kept it super simple for school today as i planned on setting up camp in the library...again.

Faux leather jacket- f21, t-shirt- hanes, jeans-dots, sneaks- nike dunks bag- target

photocredit goes to the Nimsta!!
I think we all enjoy life a little more if we try not to sweat the small stuff. And i Really need to practice what i preach as most of the time i'm a first class worrier. I'm trying to worry less, case in point, my dress. It bothered me that the dress looks unfinished as i never hemmed it after i chopped off 1/4 of it. It'll get done one of these days, but for now, i'm just going to continue to enjoy the crispness in the air, and the swishyness of this dress.

Coat- F21, Dress- thrifted and reworked, tights- target, scarf- gift from mom

Photocredits go to the Nimsta!
This is one of my favorite outfits because of so many reasons.Like the easy layering, my favorite(and only)shrug and my favorite jacket and favorite ankle boots. With so many favorite articles in one outfit, how can i not love it. Exactly, its practically impossible. The theme of the day was layered comfortability. Perfect for an easy but cold day going to school,running a few errands, grabbing dinner and a movie with my sisters.

Dress- Rugged, Shrug/Cardi- F21, Coat- Anthro, tights- Target, Boots- Charlotte Russe

Photocredits go to the Nimsta!
I brought out my winter coat and added yet another dress to my growing collection of dresses.I haven't had a chance to alter this dress yet, but thanks to the big belt and some clever tucking, i was able to update the dress to my liking.I knew I needed to add some edge to the dress without removing its ladylike element because in its original state, it was mid-calf length. And combining the original length and dramatic billowy sleeves, would have created a very outdated look. I purposely left it slightly longer in the back, and i like how it turned out.

Dress- Thrifted, Coat- Urban Behavior, Tights- Target

Photocredits go to the Nimsta!
I was alerted about Nike Akinola and was a bit shocked that i hadn't posted about them earlier. The pieces are beautifully crafted, fusing african prints with western outfits. Managing Director Chris Okesola kindly agreed to answer a few questions to offer us an insight into Nike Akinola.

1. Tell us a little about the designer, what is your background?
I was really into art at school; I loved painting and making sculptors. I studied art, business studies and economics for my exams. But by the end of my art course my designs had gone from painting portraits and landscapes to cocktail dresses and evening gowns. I realised there and then that this is what I love to do and I was determined to do for a living. Since graduating I been fortunate to work with Phillipa Lepley, Lindka Cierach and Alice Temperley.

2. Most designers usually design for themselves first. Please tell us what inspired you to begin to design clothes?
I just love to express my moods, thoughts and feelings through my clothes and I realise that no-one can express who I am better than me. So I began with little pieces, back then I had so many designs but I couldn’t sew so I used to customise everything. As soon as I knew how to cut a pattern there was no going back for me.

3. Can you tell us a little about your beautiful Ready to Wear collection, and what inspired it?
Nike Akinola London combines beautiful traditional African prints and lace with creative design and, most importantly, Africa’s art, history and culture in our fashion
The beautiful African prints and textile designs, both modern and traditional are a reflection of our surroundings in the natural world. When using traditional materials, we bring a sense of warmth, comfort, and harmony into the environment.

4. How did you get into the fashion industry? Who is the typical woman for whom you design your clothes?
My journey into the world of Fashion was not an easy, but I think sometimes when you really struggle to get what you want and where you want to be you appreciate it even more. If you really want this then you have to persevere. I like to design timeless pieces, the kind of woman I design for are woman who love to look immaculate and loves classic shapes with clean lines. For me the classics are called classics for a reason, I think trends are great and I respect them but if you only ever design based on the latest trends, then you will forever be dictated to has a designer

5. Where do you draw inspiration for your designs from? Does your culture affect your designs and how?
Our sophisticated designs pay homage to the ceremonial fabrics of African’s history. The luxurious and extravagant designs of our culture have been given an innovative twist, creating a more joyful, effortless, comfortable, and sexy style without being in-your-face. We show that African prints don’t have to be in maxi dresses to be fashionable. My culture dictates designs because it is rich and diverse. Not only do I come from Nigeria, I also live in what is for me the most culturally diverse city in the world, London. My clothes are an expression of my heritage as well as my western surroundings.

6. Has your design aesthetic changed as you’ve matured in your craft or do you have one set vision that you’ve stuck with it?
We evolve together, I am not the same person I was 5 years ago, and as I change in life, my designs also have to change. I design with a new perspective every season, I bring something new to each collection without losing the essence of Nike Akinola London.

7. Do you have any style tips for the readers?
Be comfortable, Be your yourself and be expressive. If that doesn’t work, put on your killer heels and face the world with your head held high.

8. If you had to describe you collection in 3 words what would they be?
Timeless, Elegant, Classics

9. Are your designs available for purchase and who are the stockists?
We are in discussion stages on getting our collection into a number of independent boutiques and also heavily pushing our own online store.

10. Last but not least, what does the future hold for Nike Akinola? What upcoming events can we see you at, any in Atlanta?
An amazing SS10 collection which is coming soon, I really want to bring innovative techniques to the industry. Our plans are to showcase our next collection at a number of fashion shows so stay tuned. Regarding coming to Atlanta...never say no, but more importantly when are you coming to London!

Go to the Nike Akinola website for more!
There's something about adding an element of girliness to an outfit that really appeals to me. I decided to try it today by adding this pale pink bow headband. I kept the rest of the outfit mostly simple with basic colors, pairing my silver lace skirt with darker hues to make it office appropriate.

Jacket- B's Closet, Sweater & Headband- F21, Lace Skirt- Thrifted, Tights- Target, Shoes- Charlotte Russe
Ok, i'm cheating a little bit because its not monday, but i'm decked out in all black. But technically,it is kind of monday-like to me, as its my first day getting properly dressed this week. I'm wearing the earrings that i got for free from a street vendor. I really like their unnecessary gaudyness. Adds a little oomph where needed.

Jacket- American Rag, Black Shirt- F21, Jeans-Dots, Boots- charlotte Russe, Scarf- Target

Oh, and a thank you to Noir Vida who did a post about me, you can check it out here!
Sorry for the unexplained absense, i was literally recovering from exams and had to take some time to recuperate. This is what i wore to cut my dressing time in half (during my exams), a floaty dress from target. Hope all had a fantastic weekend!

Dress-Target, Trench- B's closet, Shoes- Gift

Photocredits go to Lachmeister!
1 exam down 3 to go and i am extremely ready to be done with testing. All the prep work has left me drained and so tired that i have the urge turn every stationary object into a bed...Yes, its that bad. So, I'm relying on old favorites that have been "winterized" to get me thru this week. Case in point my two-toned dress, because dresses are comfy and shorten dressing time. Go here to see how i wore it in the summer. Ok, fun time over..i'm off to bury my head in more books... i can't wait to come up for air soon, and celebrate in some kind of way. Hope you guys are having a fantastic week!

Dress-gift from my mom, tights- target, jacket f21, pumps- asos