Took the day off to catch up on school work. Pretty casual today, so rocking flats.
This is what i wore:
Aqua Shirt(Macys)
Silver Top(Worn underneath, Max Rave)
Jeans (F21)

Photo credits go to the lachmeister!
Happy Monday Everyone!
To help me ward off the monday blues, i put on my twirl-a-skirt and a fun black and colored block top. The skirt would flutter gracefully around me as i rushed up and down stairs in attempts to get to class on time.I love this skirt, i put it on, and instantly, i want to twirl. It's kinda funny too because the top has a cut-out back, so i felt way more rebellious today (showing back skin @ work is so risque!) Of course i put the jacket on whenever i left my desk, don't want to end up as the office hooch. So, here's what i wore:
Top (Macy's)
Skirt (Goodys-Borrowed from my sis)
Belt(Came attached to pants from 5-7-9)
Gray Pumps (Rugged Warehouse)

Happy Sunday Folks!
This is what i wore to church today. I try to find new and creative ways to wear these shoes( i love the colors: blue, gray and orange). This is what i came up with in short notice(I originally had something planned, but i changed my mind). I went with this instead:
Black Sheer Shirt(Macys)
Tank top worn underneath(Papaya)
Shoes (Rugged Warehouse)
Blue Clutch(5-7-9)

Still trying to get in as much info for my exam. Why are accounting finals on saturdays? Why?
Not as much time to chat today either, this is what i wore:
Super pink shirt(bought by my mom)
Trouser Jeans (Go Rave)
Metallic Shoes(Rugged Warehouse)

*photocredits go to my sis Lachmeister!
Today was spent studying!
So no usual dressing up. Today, i was in uniform mode(Seriously) i live in my white shirts.
It was cooler, so i had on a sweater, and the main attraction was my purse.
I've got to get out of running for white shirts when i'm pressed for time.
This is what i wore:
white shirt (target)
jeans (F 21)
Flats (Traffic)
Bag (Rampage)

Here's a normal pic.

First of all, i love dresses! I know some people are apprehensive about thriftstore finds. I feel that a true savvy shopper can shop anywhere and come out victorious. And yes, i do consider shop an areobic activity. Like i hunter, i cruise and peruse the racks of stores, scouring for bargains! Ah yes, i do love the scent of victory( great bargain) in the Ok, everything was thrifted...except my .Now last time i wore the zebra brooch , it was ok, but i wanted it to play a bigger role in my outfit the next time it was utilized.
So this lovely dress, was supposed to be closed at the shoulder, i tried it, but i felt suffocated, so instead i utilized the zebra brooch to tuck and pin the dress closure a little lower. And tada!
Red Belt(Thrifted)
Red Shoes ( Ross)
Zebra Brooch(Thrifted)

Yes, i am dancing. I have a song
in my heart today. lol

Photo credits go to the troublesome Lachmeister!
Doing it bright and sassy today.
Day 1 of exams this week. After late nights spending studying,
I decided to dress in BRIGHT power colors today
look good, feel good, test good? let's hope it
Plus i get a chance to wear my SUPER SASSY shoes, which i love to wear!
And the debut of my newest thrifted blue skirt! How i managed to find a skirt that is the same color of my shoes, i'll never know, but i'm sooo glad! Please look w/ me @ the waist of this you see the cutout waist its rocking?? love it!
I enjoy getting dressed in the morning, its a chance for me to express to the world how i'm feeling that day @ a glance. I usually always feel good about my choices, but today, i feel great...maybe its the anyone else's mood affected by their clothes?
This is what i wore:
Shirt(H&M from a long time ago)
Skirt (Thrifted can you believe it)
Blue Shoes( Nine West thru Ross)
Gold Belt(Thrifted)

* Photo credits go to the awesome Manfriend!
Can you tell how much fun i'm having this outfit?

Happy Monday Folks!
Super Busy Week Ahead.
Long Hours Spent @ work, or @ school, or studying for an exam. Next week has got to be easier..
This post is named for my newest
This is what i wore:
Red Sweater(TJMaxx)
Skirt(Max RAve)
White Shirt(Forever 21)
Sandals(DSW from a long time ago)
Black Necklace(I made it!!)

Wait for it!!

Photo credits go to my sis Lachmeister
My Manfriend bought me this little beauty i've been pining for and delivered it to me during my lunch. (Such a sweetie!) Its so dainty and simple, I love it! Its going to be a constant fixture on my left arm from now on.
Here's the beauty!

For church today, I wore this mustard colored dress that has been in my closet for the longest time. I forgot why i hadn't worn it in so long, until i tried it on. The top half is HIDEOUSLY UNFITTING, but the bottom half fits like a dream. So before i got rid of the dress forever, I wore it for one last hoorah. Taking great pains to keep it hidden under my lovely sweater jacket. lol. Topped off the look w/ simple black sandals and my favorite brooch.
Black Sweater(Macys)
Mustard Dress( Thrifted)
Bag (Borrowed from My mom)
Brooch (Thrifted)
By the way, i'm thinking of lopping off the top half of the dress and keeping the bottom as a skirt. Any ideas anyone?

If anyone is wondering what i'm doing in this pic,
i'm simply showing off my runner

*photo credits go to my sis and bro Nimsa and Little One!
Who's that boy? It's no boy, it's I took my sister to her first cross-country meet, so i dressed the part of an athlete today,since i was going to be running w/ my sister afterwards. I got up @ 5am, hence my clothing choices.These are the only circumstances under which i leave the house in a tracksuit or sweatpants. I donot agree with the notion of sweatpants outside the house! Unless you're going to be running, and its a sporting event. It was a beautiful morning, and i was dressed to run after my sister to capture moments of her 1st race. She did as well as can be expected for a 1st race.
Hoodie(Max Rave)
Pants (borrowed from my sister)
Bag (thrifted)

Photo credits go to the Lachmeister!
After the meet and the running, I came home, showered and changed into this simple outfit for work. So here I am after an exhausting day... I had on black flats, that got removed the moment i got home, hence them not being pictured.
Top (Macy)

*photo credits go to The Lachmeister
1. TGIF.
2. Manfriend likes these shoes, and really it fascinates me as to why
3. I have a new favorite accessory, i'll post it tomorrow
4. This is what i wore:
Red Jacket(Isaac Mizrahi-Thrifted) (YEAH!!!)
Silver Top(Max Rave)
White T-Shirt(Forever 21)

Close up of the shoes as requested!

Photo credits go to the Wonderful Manfriend
White Shirts are the staples of my closet. I think i have 2 white shirts for every colored or patternd shirt. These are my lovely run around boots.Oh so comfortable and so versatile. They fold down to my ankles, as well as up and out to my knees. And of course, my new favorite scarf, for my splash of color. I had an exam in my CIS class today, and went to career fair as well. Don't worry, this is not what i wore to the job expo. I did keep the outfit basic so that i could easily trade the skirt and boots for a pair of slacks and pumps.
White Shirt(Forever 21)
Jean Skirt(Max Rave)
Boots (Sears)

I actually have no explanation for this Work in progress??

photo credits go to my Lachmeister
Told you i was bringing color back. So today, the point of interest of my outfit would be the eye catching pink tights i decided to rock today. I'm kicking and screaming into the fall weather,so i'm still trying to wear my dresses and skirts before i have to give them up for pants because its too cold. I wore it to work today because my legs were cold and to add some more spice to my outft...your take?
Ankle Boots( Shoe Land)

Photo credits go to the awesome A.N.D club members!
Ga weather is so Unless you watch the weather forecasts, and who does that. So i stepped out of my house to head to class today, and brrr, it was a bit nippy. so i threw on this sweet sweater i found in Macys in MAY! I 've been waiting to wear it. Ok so today's outfit is a bit dark, but tomorrow, I'll bring color back. you'll see.
Blue Shirt(Papaya)
Checkered Skirt (Macys)
Pumps (BCBG)

tryin out more poses...i felt a bit awkward

Photocredits got to My Sis Lachmeister and Lil bro (little one)