The sun is shining brightly,there is a cool breeze in the air,well at least in the shade. In the summertime, that's pretty much all it takes for me to want to skip work and spend the day frolicking around the city with my gang(usually the manfriend and my siblings).But going to work doesn't seem so bad when you have a really fun floral ruffle shirt and new shoes to go in. Seriously, try it. And i know i'm a little late, and aviators are a little awkward(i actually thought they were ugly) but they're growing on me. Hope everyone has a fantastic week!

Shirt-Macys, Skirt-Anthro, Shoes- Pink Duchess, tungsten ring- platinum rings

Photocredits go to the Manfriend(yay, he's back)!!
I've had this dress in my closet for ages. My mom bought it for me during my "i'm too cool to wear what my mom picked out" phase, so while i appreciated the sentiment, i did not appreciate the dress. I do now. Thanks Mom!
A few things causing excitement in my life this weekend: The Manfriend is returning to town this weekend, learning yoga, movies w/ my favorite girls and boy.
And we mourn the loss of musical icon and legend Michael Jackson.He changed the world of music in ways that remain unrivaled and his music defined a generation. RIP MJ!

Dress- thrifted, shoes- hypnotic, belt(worn backwards)-thrifted

photocredits go to the Nimsta!
Everything about this dress makes me feel so playful. From the one arm, to the colorful mix of blue, green and purple, to the asymmetrical hem. Perfect for days when you need a little oomph to get you thru hectic study schedules and tests. I'm a little surprised that I’m getting so much wear out of my electric blue sandals. I thought it’d be one of those things that would end up sitting in my closet only making periodic appearances. I’m really glad to say : I was wrong.
And about the many many wrinkles in my dress: i just discovered i have an uncanny ability to wrinkle up anything...

Dress-Target, shoes –newport news, belt-thrifted

photocredits go to the Nimsta
That title could pretty much sum up most of my outfit descriptions. What can i say, i love color. I'm rocking this lovely and oh so colorful floral wrap dress i found while thrifting. I picked it out because of the bright colors and was determined to take it home, despite the fact that the tag said it was too big for me.Just goes to show, sometimes tags don't mean much. Thrifting tip that most may know: Try on what you like despite the size written on the tag, some of the sizes run a bit large or even small. You never truly know till you try it on.

Dress: Thrifted, Shoes-Bakers

photo credits go to the Lachmeister.
Due to a disease called procrastination, i ended up waiting till the very last minute to run my errands for Fathers' Day. Thankfully, in the midst of all the errand running, we found time to take a few pics. If anyone knows the cure for this terrible disease called procrastination, don't hesistate to share.
Happy Father's Day to fathers everywhere.
I'm off to practice the dance to a song i wrote for my father when i was 7 so i can perform it for him and other members of my fam after brunch .
It starts off:
Daddy,you're such a superstar...(2x)
*feel free to borrow it and add your own lyrics and give it to your dad(just don't say i never gave you anything )*

jean jacket: arizona, tank and bag- target, skirt-f21, shoes-converse
photocredits go to the Lachmeister!
The lovely Ciaa of Ciaafrique did a post about me on monday, check it out and send in your favorite looks so you guys can showcase your fab outfits too!

Thank you you Ciaa!!
I'm getting a bit excited about the next upcoming weeks. The Atlanta Fashion Week for 2009 is coming up in a few weeks. I can't wait to see what the atlanta designers have been working on. I can't even imagine how excited i would be if i got to go. On that oh so subtle note, if anyone needs someone to accompany them to Atlanta Fashion Week, i wouldn't mind going at *ahem* moving on...
This is what i wore to school after sleeping in late and going thru the exhausting task of trying to get a new phone (it got soaked beyond repair during a trip to the lake). Don't know what possessed me to wear black as the heat is ridiculously sweltering right now. My thing for florals is still thriving,(see floral jacket below) so i'm loving F21's current selection of floral skirts. And although there's no red in the skirt, somehow, the red flower and red shoes seem right paired with this outfit. I love the summer time.

shirt- target, skirt-f21, shoes- miss me
photocredits go to the Nimster!!