Designer Spotlight: House of Versatile Style

When i looked thru the HVS(House of Versatile Style) website, the first thought that came to mind was FUN!! The pieces from HVS' most recent collection "The City" is definitely not for wallflowers as the patterns are vibrantly bold and feature fantastically eye-catching color combinations. The styles range from loose tops to tiered dress and include pieces that would work as that"it" piece, in most closets.
The talented head designer Bukky Are, is only 21 and designs while juggling college work which is a full time job in itself. Bukky was kind enough to answer a few questions to tell us more:

1. Most designers design for themselves first. Please tell us what inspired you to begin create clothes?
Its definitely the other way around. I work on my collection before i even think of my self at all . Design is really my comfort zone so i really do it because its fun for me and makes me happy.

2. Your clothes are beautiful. Especially your City Collection. Can you tell us a little about it and what inspired it?
Thank you!My Inspiration for The City" was definitely my travel, getting to see how different people from extremely different cultures dress

3. How did you get into the fashion industry? Who is the typical woman for whom you design your clothes?
It happened about four year ago , a friend of mine had a show and asked me to put something together for showcase.I did the show and the response was amazing , so here i am today.I design for any woman really, my favorite being the daring.

4.Where do you draw inspiration for your designs from? Does your culture affect your designs and how?
Inspiration for me really comes from everything and anything.From the fabric stores to even the cocktail parties, inspiration for me is everywhere

4. Has your design aesthetic changed as you’ve matured in your craft or do you have one set vision that you’ve stuck with it?
My vision has not changed its only enhanced , Our goal at HVS is to create a line where people can define there own style.As a artist you grow and learn new techniques , i definitely have grown as an artist and business woman.

5. Do you have any style tips for the readers?
Comfort! Being fabulous is being Comfortable.When you have comfort you 're confident.Trust me, confidence can make even a little black dress look like a million bucks.

6. If you had to describe your collection in 3 words what would they be?
Versatile, Sexy and Eclectic

7. Are your designs available for purchase and who are the stockists?
Yes they are available online at the moment, we are currently in talks with some buyers in the U.S, W.Africa and Canada

8. Last but not least, what does the future hold for The House of Versatile Styles? What upcoming events can we see you at, any in Atlanta?
Only Heaven knows. There are some fashion weeks we have been invited to showcase @ for Spring 2010 so we will definitely keep you informed. Atlanta is home to HVS we shoot here all the time.

Here's a little taste.Enjoy!

Photo credits go to Kb Bishi and Kareem Yearwood and Make up by Ola Opara
Meet the beautiful Head Designer Ms. Bukky Are!
Go check out House of Versatile Style for more of The City Collection!


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