All dressed up with nowhere to go.

Ok, just in case a few ppl noticed that i'm posting a bit less and not commenting on your blogs anymore, its because school is back in full swing. And between a full-time job, a heavy course load which includes lots of homework, being an active blogger has gotten a lot harder for me to pull off, so forgive me. I'm debating quitting blogging but this is a fun creative outlet for me,so we'll see what happens.In the mean time,i'm gonna try something new. I'm disabling my comments for a while, so no one feels obligated to comment as i won't be able to comment back like i usually do. But if there's anything u want me to know, drop me a line thru my email because i reply emails for sure.

Outfitwise, please scroll down to the dress i cut a few days ago...go ahead....

Ok, welcome back. When i cut the dress, i saved the scraps because i REALLY LOVE the fabric. I reworked it into a kinda cropped top. Thankfully, no sewing was involved in the reworking. Problem is, i have no idea where i'll be wearing this outfit...maybe tonight when i meet up with some friends. Problem solved. TGIF!!

Top- Reworked, Skirt-F21, Shoes- Urban Originals

Photocredits go to the Lachmeister.