From Chicago With Love

My lovelies!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm incredibly sorry for disappearing once again, without any explanation, no good byes or see-u-later notes like a girl who had sneak out the service entrance because of a very bad date!

Things got incredibly hectic over on my side, but have started to calm down, so we can return to our regularly scheduled postings.

As i alluded a few posts ago, i'm finally in Chicago and i absolutely LOVE it!

Chicago is an Amazing city. And Trust, amidst all the explorations and shopping, i'm finding time to rekindle my love for reading (for fun) and relaxing!

This post is going to be kinda long since( to make up for being gone for so long)

Here's what i've been wearing in the Windy city:

My Arrival Outfit: Top & Jeans- F21, Shoes- Target, Scarf- Gift
-the scarf doubled as a blanket for when i fell asleep about 5 mins after take-off


Day # 2: Lounging Around in the hotel room 
Outfit: Dress-thrifted, assorted bangles: F21
-perfect for reading and watching the second season of Pushing favorite show (sadly its now cancelled)


Day 3: Hanging from Trees :
H&M  Having spent the previous day lounging around, i had to explore my surroundings... and y'all know how much i love trees....they're perfect for these non-chalant "hanging from a tree pose" that i'm partial to. lol
Outfit: Shirt-French Connection, Skirt- H&M


Day 4:  Dinner and more Explorations.
My dad and I explored the 'burbs and found a sweet little thai spot where we had dinner.
Dress: Thrifted, Clutch- Gift

A few reasons why i've fallen in love with chicago:

Yummy Food

Water Taxis(I <3 Water)

Gorgeous Architecture

From Chicago With Love


Sing said...

Yay so glad you are enjoying my fab city. You look great. Have more fun!

acn said...

chicago! my city! let me guess which hotel you're staying in based off of that picture: Congress Plaza?? let me know if i'm right.

hope your coated in sunblock because this sun is a killer ;-)

Stephanie Sorensen said...

Ive always missed out on going to Chicago along my work travels for tradeshows! I do end up coordinating sometimes for the executives so I'd love to know some great places to stay, eat and shop!

I love your Day 4 Dress by the way

NakedSha said...

Great, I'm glad you enjoyed it and you look great too.

Vanessa said...

You look fabulous! I've never been to Chicago but I've heard it's wonderful.

simplychic said...

great outfit choices.

Theonlyfashionprincess said...

Nice outfit and BEAUTIFUL shoes (day 1). You've got a great blog. Hope you will become a follower of my blog too?


Miu said...

Your pics of Chicago make me so jealous! I want to go there, too!

Enjoy your stay and let us see more of this great city :)

Fashion Rehab said...

i love the dress you wore in your hotel room. lovely pics!!
i love chicago :)

Debraland said...

Chicago seems interesting!! You really got a style darl!!

Yellow Sisi... Ms Merry said...

great outfits and the shoes from first day is lovely!...Enjoy

ANTM T-Shirt Designs And More said...

I'm new to your blog. Love your outfits!

Mr. Writer said...

Well hi there ms fashion!!! You know i own that city; heck as a matter of fact you were staying in the Mister House room :) ... ahhh good times

*Diane* said...

Mr. Writer!!!!!! OMG! How've u been??