New Beginnings

Okkaaayyy!!! I'm back you guys!!!

Welcome to *insert drumroll* MISSION51, formerly known as Africana Wardrobe Diary; MISSION 51 is the new home to my outfits, pretty pictures and a ton of my other favorite things.

After my extra long hiatus, i'm finally back with a new blog name, a new look for the blog, outfit pics and a few other tricks up my sleeve. Stay tuned for more...
Button-downs have always been a favorite around these parts and that hasn't changed. And I'm really, really digging Mint Green things especially this blouse.


*Thrifted DVF Silk Blouse,F21 Mini,Blowfish flats, H&M Bag*


Chilel said...

Welcome back. I did miss you and your style! What is the meaning of Mission 51? I am adding it to my blogroll before I loose you again on the net. I am so used to the other