Old Faithful

One of my favorite things about fall? Blazers...I've built a small collection over the summer. But this black one remains my ALL TIME FAVORITE. I like to call it "old faithful" because no matter how many blazers i acquire, I feel like i'll never tire of this one. Also because i'm pretty sure it complements every single item in my closet. Here's another blouse that's been sitting in my closet waiting for a turn to shine in the blog spotlight. Its a few sizes too big, but it gained access into my closet,thru its fun colors and vibrant print. So for all you blouses out there vying for a spot in my closet, there's only one requirement: be vibrant colored or printed. Bonus points for both.

Blazer- Sisley (thrifted), blouse-thrifted, skirt- Macys, tights- target, Shoes-charlotte Russe