Lessons in Comfort

Anyone who knows my blog, knows that i love dresses because they cut dressing time into half.I wore this outfit a few days ago to run around town with my mom. The day started very early, with little to time to do my hair, this straw hat was perfect for a hot summer's day. I got this dress last winter and last wore it in Savannah during spring break.Its such an easy dress to wear, which always surprises me because i have a general dislike for strapless clothes.I don't like the incessant adjustments to pull the dresses up and down, and I can't seem to shake the childhood fear that whatever strapless article i wear will inevitably slide down and expose my boobs for the world to see...lol. Thankfully, all the times i've worn this dress, its been utterly easy and generally adjustment-free.




Dress- target, hat- tjmaxx, shoes- newport news,


LucidLilith said...


I used to not like dresses. Until I moved to Hotlanta. Men with it hits 90 degrees, you start looking for something light and flowy!

Emily Kennedy said...

You look glorious!

Sing said...

The dress is lovely with the hat. You look very comfy.


Marcy said...

That dress is gorgeous!! It's amazing what nice things you can find in the "cheaper" stores. That's why I love a Target or Forever21

kiwaczek2 said...

ah I love strapless dresses. I think they look nicer actually. but you are right when it comes to the boob show - u have to be aware all the time ;)

Anonymous said...

I used to be afraid too that someone silly might pull it down, lol.
Nice outfit, simple, comfy and pretty.

Anonymous said...

So lovely!!

simplychic said...


M said...

loving your blog! check out mine when you get a chance!