V-Day Pt. 2: Ladysmith Black Mambazo

For our V-day celebration, my Manfriend and i had a delicious dinner that he made and ended the evening by attending a concert to hear the uplifting music stylings of Ladysmith Black Mambazo of South Africa. If you're not familiar with them, i suggest you give them a listen. Their concert was nothing short of charming. From their performances, to their interaction with the audience and each other, the concert was uplifting and entertaining. Many couldn't help but sing/hum along.( i say many, but i really mean myself and the Manfriend, i couldn't really hear anyone else above my humming).
My favorite part of the performance was when the lead vocalist informed the audience that anyone who wanted to go onstage and sing and dance along with the group was welcome to do so. A few brave souls went to join the group, dancing along while the audience cheered them along. In restrospect, i wish i 'd gone onstage(i suffer from an intense case of stage fright). However, I made a promise to myself that the next time i 'm present during an "audience call" i will be among the brave who dare to stand up and out in the crowd.
I'm wearing a frothy vintage pink dress that i reworked into something more modern and "me" for the V-day occasion. I think the dress used to be a prom dress or bridesmaid dress, i'll post pics of it later and let you be the judge.


Maria said...

Hi from Brazil!!
you had a lot of fun, and was so well dressed!
beatiful pink dress!

visite me:

La Couturier said...

that dress is beautiful! i gave you an award!

La C.

Sheila said...

What fun! They are a great group - I've heard a few things by them.

I love the dress. Do you have a "before" picture of it?

Rosilen said...

You look Fabulous. Love the jacket and your dress is Awesome...

Anchibride said...

How seriously awesome that you got to see Ladysmith! I have wanted to see them all my life and never got the chance to ... hopefully one day I will!

The trench is gorgeous! I love the whole look.