On Top of Things

Literally. I’m trying to stay on top of 3 pending midterms, one tomorrow, Saturday (Boo!! Hiss!!) and the remaining 2 will be within the next 2 days; and i'm trying to stay atop of this random pedestal that I’ve always wanted to climb on top of. There's supposed to be really nice(read: spring-like) weather this weekend, but it seems i'm to spend it cooped up inside studing. I suppose i could try to study outside, but i've tried that before and ended up in a cartwheels competition with my sisters. I'm quite easily distracted whenever i'm supposed to be studying.

Coat (F21)
Sweater (Goodys)
Boots(American Eagle)
Bag (Target)

photocredits go to my Manfriend!


barefootinboots said...

You look pretty on top of things to me!

Marian said...

girl you look fab! love all the layers dear. girl boo hiss indeed to the one on saturday!girl im praying for you that you sail through them all successfully.
please let us know how it goes ok.
Love these images on the pedestal :O),kudos to you and the manfriend!
muah x

Sheila said...

The sweater and the earrings are what really make this outfit, for me. They frame your face so well.

I love your "on location" photos!

yankeenaijababe said...


I love the bag, earrings, boots , jacket...girl lovely you. Been a while o, hope you and your man are doing good. love ya.