Spring Break Day 4: Adventures In Helen

Helen,Ga is located in northeast Georgia and is a charming recreation of an alpine, Bavarian village,complete with cobblestone alleys and old-stone buildings. Its very picturesque and was quite fun to explore. Plus, it was really fun to imagine that i was somewhere in Germany, instead of Georgia.

Next we headed off to Georgia's highest point aka, Brasstown Bald. It's located just outside of Helen.And its where i conquered my mild fear of heights by seating atop the ledge at the observation deck. The view here was absolutely amazing. Its said that on clear days, the spectacular 360-degree view from atop the mountain allows you to see four states, Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina, and South Carolina. Being the blind bat that i am, i cannot atest to this.

Duke Creek Falls is another of nature's majestic wonders nestled just outside of Helen. We drove on the Scenic Byway which is a 38 mile scenic journey of nature at its best, to get there. Ideal for those who love to drive on winding roads. I actually would not recommend this trail for anyone with small children. It was quite a long,long walk to get to see the falls (at least to me). Instead, i 'd recommend the Anna Ruby Falls, which we ended up not visiting due to some construction going on there for the next month or so.
Here's a little something for those who'd wanted to meet the man behind my pics...The Manfriend!!

Jacket- My mom, Hoodie - GoRave, Shirt-F21, Jeans-F21, Shoes-Converse


bob-ij said...

The Bavarian village looks so much like Disneyland (don't ask!)..bt I really love small-town looking parks!

yay! we both released Man-pics on the same day... great minds think alike...lol...still loving the necklace babe!


Shannia said...

Even when you go casual you look great!! looks like you had a lot of fun too. Finally the man friend is in front of the camera instread of behind :)

Kayleigh said...

Ok, seriously, you two make a stunning couple because he is totally gorgeous, OMG!

Love all these vacation pix...and you're giving me ideas if I ever get down to GA to see my little brother.

Have a great time!

Original Mgbeke said...

Niiiceee. Is Manfriend Naija too?

Sexkitten said...

Lady you're beautiful. I love your style. Man friend is handsome too. I'm a lover of the art, so I really appreciate the pics. Duke Creek falls reminds me of home.

Sheila said...

What a fun day! You look fab as always...and yow, that's a handsome Manfriend you've got there.

Ada said...

OMG we finally get to see the manfriend..so cute, im glad you had fun

Boutique Girl said...

Looks like a very fun day. Great outfit for a day out and about!

Jane said...

I agree - he is one very handsome manfriend. The pictures are stunning too.

*Diane* said...

Ij: lol. your right, Great minds to think alike.

Shannia: Thank you :-) I was finally able to coax him into taking a pic for the blog.

Kayleigh: Thank you! and i'm glad i could help in anyway :-)

O.M : He practically is but he's from Barbados.

Sexkitten: Thank you so much!

Sheila. Thank you. It was a lot of fun.

Ada: Thanks, it really was, i can't wait to go back

Boutique Girl: Thank you. And it was, i considered waring heels, but i'm thankful i didn't i would have broken my neck.lol

Jane: Thank you :-)

Nigerian Woman in Norway said...

The manfriend is a hunk!!! You lucky girl! :-D

Lobebe said...

Great outfit, i like your style girl