Happy Monday everybody!!
No Black Mondays' post today because its gotten warmer, so i'll probably leave the all-black ensembles alone for a bit. My weekend was spent working,studying and playing with my hair and coming up with various ways to wear it. My finals exams are this week so my postings may become sporadic.
I'm thinking of making flowers my new signature. Especially with the onset of spring,you can't go wrong with a flower in your hair right?

shirt- petite sophisticate ,skirt-old navy, shoes-go jane, bag- franchesca boutique
photocredits go to the Manfriend!


*Danielle* said...

I love your sense of style! I'm going to start taking tips from you. Simply gorgeous.

Nemerae said...

I love nude + black and you look so sweet and smart with that outfit!! looove it :):)

blogoratti said...

Liking the combinations, adorable as always!

Gidan Nodza said...

Hi, I think your style is cool, you make it all seem soooo the fro, love the 1950's look esp the bag and the dress in hair today...
off point...were you at Uni Abuja for a short stint? old friend of Nimma perhaps?... you look kinda... you don't have to answer... really.
Carry on.

*Diane* said...

Thanks everyone!
Gidan: actually, i'm in Uni in the states, so no, i was never in Uni Abuja ever. Unfortunately, i haven't been back since i came to the States..

bob-ij said...

I like the flower in your hair..esp with the little afro you're rocking supercute!


RocNaija said...

Good luck with the exams..
The ppics are adorable as usual..
And if you ever need a camera man..

I keed.. i keed..

Dorie said...

Wow another killer look. Can I say again how much I LOVE your hair. You look like a model! And I also heart the taylored shirt/ pleated skirt/ fun sexy sandal combo. Yay!! I may copy this one, LOL. I hope you dont mind!!

jukejka said...

you look, great, I love your shoes!

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