That Pink Coat Again

This outfit is really basic but my excuse is that coldness does something to me... Seriously, how else do i explain oversleeping and missing my first class this morning?
I had to break out this jacket again because its just that cold today. Plus, i secretly relish the chance to glide around in it as i'll have to give it up in a few days. I thought long and hard as to where i'd be taking my pictures today. I finallly decided to do them outside...even though its super cold. And dreary. And snow flurries too. Ahh the things i do for you guys :-)
However, as hard as it is posing for pics, the unsung hero is the Manfriend. Ever the gentleman, he's never complained about taking my pics. Even on ridiculously cold days like today....Gotta luv him!

Wearing Thrifted Coat, Poof Excellence sweater, f21 t-shirt and skinnies. Boots-gojane and necklace-gift from Kim :-)

Photocredits go to the Manfriend!!


a cat of impossible colour said...

That coat is lovely, I don't blame you for wearing it lots!

Tiwa said...

I know the object of attention is the coat but the galsses are soo cool

Sher said...

Necklace looks great on you!

blogoratti said...

Knew the cold couldn't affect that smile...:-)
Looking nice! Lovely coat,shades.

Kayleigh said...

Gorgeous coat -- and the glasses are adorable on you! You look snug and lovely :)

I tagged you over at my blog, come check it out!

Lmac said...

Love the coat! It's so bright and cheerful!