Just For Now

I really like the simple colors of this blouse. And this giant clutch...yes. It called my name when i saw it a few months ago. Its perfect for days when i don't want to haul my world around in my usual big bagged glory.Like today.
Oh, and something that caught me completely off guard this weekend:
Do most women start from their shoes and work their way up when planning an outfit?
I'd never heard of this until this past weekend...and i've heard it from 2 unrelated sources...(aka it came from friends who donot know each other. lol)
Educate me guys, is it true or am i just completely out of the loop?

blouse- thrifted, skirt-target, clutch-gianni bini
photocredits go to the Nimsta!!


Barbara said...

I am guilty of choosing my shoes first at times and work my way up. This usually happens when I seeking comfort.

By the way you have great style.