Killing it Softly

I rarely post pics of myself when i go out in party gear because of 2 reasons:
1) i usually decide to go out at the last min,so i never remember to take pics
2) i usually just throw on shorts, a tank and heels... i like it super simple and to me those outfits are not really blog worthy
But this past weekend, i made plans w/ some friends to meet up after work for drinks and dancing. So i broke out my current favorite outfit aka the romper and threw a skirt on over it for a corset look. The jacket was for work, and was thrown off when it was time to dance.
Hi i'm Diane and i kill favorite clothes by wearing them to death. Sharing is caring.

Romper worn as a Corset Top- Anthropologie, Skirt- Macys, jacket- american rag, shoes- bakers

photocredits go to the Lachmeister!