I definitely did not expect to jump on the romper/jumper bandwagon. Just not my style, or so i thought. Who knew all i needed was the right style and print? Reason # 57 why anthropologie is one of my favorite store: this romper. I LOVE this romper...the style, the print and it has pockets!!!! Nuff said.

Romper- Anthropologie, Shoes-f21, jacket- can't remember

Update, it started raining about 15mins before i left home, so i changed up my outfit a bit. I hate getting my feet wet. Hence the boots.

Romper-Anthro, Boots- Sweater- poof excellence

photocredits go to the Nimsta!!


BLAZE said...

I LOVE THIS JUMPER. Can you please look at the label and tell me who actually manufactures it?

*Diane* said...

Blaze, its by Zachary Smile, White label...but i got it from Anthropologie in Atlanta