About A Blue Dress

I can't belteve that 2009 is on its way out. This year feels like it sped at max speed. I figured i'd end the last days of the year on my usual over dressed note and
chose this billowy blue dress. I didn't realize that this dress was really sheer, so i ended up wearing a skirt underneath.


Sarah "Taleia" said...

Where oh where oh WHERE (or wear? lol) did you get that necklace with the incredible pendant? How gorgeous!

leggy said...

i love the scarf..i dont know how i feel about the dress.

princesspolitico said...

what a wonderful color on you! love how you 'toughened' the look with a black bomber. very cute!


SoulMate Coach Crystal said...

I love, love, love that necklace!

Nadege said...

you are rocking that dress, and
the scraf adds beautiful drama.