Designer Spotlight: Ituen Basi

Ituen Basi's beautiful collection debuted at the Arise African Fashion Week 2009. My two cents? The collection is a stunning mashup of different ankara colors and prints. Ms. Basi meticulously masters the art of patching different prints together, a task that could very easily come off as sloppy and tacky. Instead, the pieces are unique but sophisticated, fun and vibrant and to me, quite wearable.The looks are completely accesorized to the hilt too, look at the bangles on the wrists of all the models...LOVE! Can you guess my favorite among these?


(LadyBrille Mag)

*Update* I forgot to link Ituen Basi's collection. Here you go!
Click Here to go to the site to see the whole collection


J'aime said...

ahhh, now you allow comments. I've always wanted to comment on your photos. I love your outfits, different every time. The dresses on these are gorgeous. As you say they are so mish-mash but still elegant and edgy. I love.


Milan said...

I luv the vibrancy of these prints. I luv African prints. These designs and prints excite me.=)