When the lights go down

I was a bit overdressed for work..as i tend to do. lol. I decided dress up a little bit, and started by getting out my satin coat (thrifted) before the weather got too cold for it. Also,i havent worn this dress in a while,and its a DVF originale..lol(another thrifting find)..Its random finds like these this that make me love thrift shopping.

Kimi tagged me to do a meme i usually run from those(because i'm lazy..lol) but in the spirit of x-mas and sharing(because sharing is caring)..i'm going to try and list a few mildly interesting things about me..

1. I collect shoes...its a growing collection but eventually, i plan on having a room just for my shoe collection.

2. Dancing is my therapy. Its one of 3 things that are guaranteed to make me feel better, regardless of how i feel.

3. Reading is my other therapy...libraries and rooms filled with books make me really happy.

4. I really love food...and i tend to hum and dance a little when i'm really enjoying my meal.

5. As much as i love living in the city, i'm have dreams of being a beach bum (shout out to my Miami trip mates, Ocean Dr, Ai! Ai! Ai!)lol

6. I've never been absolutely certain what i want to do with my life...but after i heard the quote, "Dress for the job/career you want" i started dressing up for work...hoping it will help lead me to where i belong. lol

7. My family drives me crazy, but i know for a fact that i'd be lost without them.

8. My favorite photographer and bestest friend probably doesn't know this, but he sparked my interest in sneakers.

Coat- thrifted,DVF Dress-thrifted, tights- target, shoes- Urban Behavior from a while back.


Sting said...

My sister has a room in her house that she turned into a shoe closet. No kidding. I was going to take a picture of it b4 i left FL but she just had shelves put in and was still arranging stuff. That's craziness, i tell ya!

Milan said...

Reading and dancing are some of my therapies too! I'm not really a shoe person but I've decided to start a boot collection. I luuuuv boots.

LucidLilith said...

Diane finally opened up her blog for comments????
It really is Christmas. haaa!

Do you know that I check out your blog before going clothes shopping?

Btw- where in the ATL area do you reside?

Elsa said...

I love your outfit, the dress is gorgeous and the shoes amazing... they look comfy, are they?

Philipp said...

Very nice shoes! Your shoe collection is amazing! :-)

Anonymous said...

how do u find these amazing thrift items. they're always so nice!