Pop of Pink

One of the most refreshing things about winter dressing is the bright color accents amidst the sea of dark clothing, at least for me. After such a funfilled busy weekend, I needed the simplicity of mostly monochromatic colors punctuated with bursts of bright color. It looks like i'm back to black Mondays.
I bought these shoe in anticipation of pretty spring and summer days...yes, i start planning that early. lol. But as you can see, i'm still working on that patience thing. Plus i thought it added the needed burst of color to my mostly dark oufit.

Sweater- Macys, Pants- Anthro, Socks- Target


PearlsandPeeptoes said...

cute shoes!

Milan said...

What Pearls said. I'm diggin those sandals. :D

Trendy Gourmandise said...

love those shoes !

BSNC said...

Hey babe

Compliment of the season, as always you look good :)

S. Parks said...

Awesome SHOES!!!

(new to the site btw, playing catchup!!!)