Blue, purple, not too matchy

I've wanted to start documenting my outfits for a while, but once i get dressed, i usually forget to take a picture. This was quickly taken during my lunchtime before i got into my car for lunch. I've had this blue belt for ages but, i 'd never worn it because i wanted to match it with blue shoes. But I've adopted a "complimentary" approach to my life, wardrobe included. Clothing wise, that means, colors do not have to match ...if i think the colors compliment each other, its going to be worn. I feel like this outfit turned out kinda nice without looking too matchy-matchy, and it was appropriate for today's weather because it was dreary and quite cloudy. It was kind of a nice change from Georgia's usual summer suffocating-heat filled days.

White Shirt (Macys)
Plum Tank ( Forever 21)
Blue Belt (Thrifted)
Black Skirt (Macys)
Black Bandolino Pumps (TJ MAXX)
Blue Headband (Some beauty supply store)
Purse (Gift from my sis)