Tuesday-Black and Grey

Today's outfit was chosen because i wanted to debut one of my thrift store treasures. This gold and grey belt i found.I think its supposed to be a wing, but that's just me, regardless; I love it!! i 'm trying to come up with more ways to work this belt into my wardrobe, this was the quickest i could come up with.The top, on me is a bit unflattering because its quite roomy and and a bit shapeless on me, so i was only able to come up with few ideas on how to work this into my outfit, i think i 've worn it once since i got it. The glossy skirt is actually high waisted, so be the sucker that i am for most things shiny/glossy I bought it. My shoes i really like for their versatility,and they are quite comfy, if you're not walking around in them for too long..And the bag, i know it doesn't quite match,but i like it so i wore it. A nice splash of color i say :o) I wore black flats when i had to run around at school, but switched into the heels for work. This is what i wore:

Black blouse (Goodys)
Glossy Grey Skirt (Macys)
3-tone Sandals ( Bella Scarpa)
Fantastic Gold Wing Belt (Thrifted!!)
Purse ( Rampage )


Sheila said...

I like it - and the pop of colour with the bag really works!

I like that this is an 80s-inspired look (the belt brings back memories...aiieee), without being too derivative. It still looks modern. Love the shoes!

Anchibride said...

This is really cool! Pretty yet cutting-edge. I love the bag and how the colors work together.

*Lady D* said...

Thanks Anchibride! I really luike your blog as well, I think i will have to add Sri LAnka to my list of places to visit!And thanks for stopping by, come back again...lol!