My outfit from Wednesday-Fun Plaid

I've been having technical difficulties, but thankfully, i'm back up and running. Unfortunately, pictures of my outfits from thursday and friday were deleted. Yet somehow i still have my picture of wednesday 's outfit. I'll be back to posting daily. On wednesday, i wore my fun plaid shirt, the neckline's kinda ruffled and frilly, so to keep from looking to cutesy for work, i paired the shirt with a black belt. Here's what i wore:

Blue and Pink Plaid top (Max Rave)
Black Skirt (Macys' )
Pink peep-toe pumps(TJ Maxx)
Black Belt (Forever 21)
Black purse(My mom's)


Sheila said...

Adorable! Love the plaid with the big belt and the pencil skirt with the pop of colour in the shoe. You look very professional.

Sorry to hear of your technical difficulties.

*Lady D* said...

Thank you Sheila!