Feeling Swingy!

Today was dreadfully wet and rainy all day, i was kinda at a loss for what to wear. So once again, i figured, if the sun wouldn't shine, I would be colorful. The base of the outfit was the swing jacket i picked up since the beginning of summer, and have been saving it for a cool day. So i opted for a blue and red to spice up an otherwise basic black and white outfit. I think the outfit was unexpected and comfortable...
Light Gray Swing Jacket ( Macys)
Blue Tee ( Body Central)
White Print,Black Skirt ( 5-7-9)
Red Heels ( TJ Maxx)
Red Beads (Target)
Black Purse (borrowed from my mom)


Kasmira said...

Looks great! I love red and blue with black and white.

Sheila said...

Very cute outfit, love the jacket! I have a bit of a swing jacket addiction, myself. :o Why save it, though? It would be so cute with jeans too!

Love the shoes - my favourite colour!

*Lady D* said...

B-) Thanks guys!

*Sheila* i had to hold off on the jacket because of the ridiculous hotness that is the summers of Atlanta.