Slipping And Sliding

Yay, Less rain today! However today, in my world, not so smooth. I 'm worrying about quite a few things. I'm trying not to though, i 'm trying to remember how blessed i am. I'm a SUPER TROOPER!!
On a lighter note, this outfit was inspired by my shoes. I was thing its funny to plan an outfit just to wear a particular pair of shoes. As you can see, i'm rocking another item from my intense collection. So once again, i toned down the buttom bit by wearing a cream colored skirt. My shoes!! I 've been searching for a nice pair of brown shoes to wear in the winter and summer. TADA!! This is what i found! and i love them...until, i stepped out of my car at work.
Here's the back story. I bought these brown beauties @ Burlington Coat Factory a few days ago. I tried them on, sashayed and even ran in the store. The fit well and had a bit of room, so that if i decided to wear tights come the cold, the shoes wouldn't be too tight. So, this morning, as per my morning routine, I wore my flats for the first hours of the day because i go to school in the mornings. So, after class i drove to work, parked my car and changed shoes, (harps were playing @ this point, yeah i was that excited about these shoes). Everything came to a crashing halt because, my foot started to slide out of the shoes with every step. (WHY!!!!!!!!!!!) I quickly ran to a grocery store to purchase dr. scholls foot inserts. And guess what?? No difference. I spent all day slipping out and sliding back into my shoes... It was that or taking very baby steps.
Help me save these brown beauties! if i don't figure out a way to stretch them, i'll have to give them away, which i really don't want to do. Feel free to share tips....
Black Jacket (Macy's)
Intense Orange Striped Top (H & M)
Purple Tank ( Macy's)
Cream Skirt ( Thrifted)
Brown Peep-toe Pumps ( Burlington Coat Factory)
Red Bag (Express)


Sheila said...

Are they too big in the heel? Or just all over? I'd guess that your feet were swollen a bit when you bought them? Was it later in the day?

Anyway, you could try a heel wrap (they stick to the back part of the heel to prevent slip), or an extra pad under the ball of the foot to fill that section in a bit.

Can you do the strap up one tighter? My last resort is...a wad of toilet paper in the toe. :-P Pathetic, but it's worked for me in the past (although eventually I gave up and gave the shoes away).

Good luck!

Oh, and the outfit is fab! Love the top.

*Lady D* said...

I'm actually taking the shoes to a shoe repair shop, i'll update with the outcome.