I have a love-hate relationship with blazers. I discovered them in the 8th grade when my mother urged me to wear one for my middle school graduation. I began to hate them because while the other 8th grade girls got to wear full prom regalia to the graduation ceremony, i was clad in blazer and pants. Unbeknownst to me, my mother was trying to prepare me to be different and to embrace that difference.

So how does this relate to the fact that i'm wearing a completely sequined shirt and the sun is still shining? I'll tell you.

No, i did not just skulk home from a party. However, after seeing the disco-ball like effect the shirt and the sun created in my car, i 'm definitely in a party mood.

I'm wearing this shirt because sequins make me smile. I know, the general consensus about them was to leave them in the 80's due to the many cheesy outfits that sequins have inspired. However, i feel with simple combinations like the simple blazer and the black pants, i should be able to get away with wearing a sequined shirt. In the daytime.

What i wore:
Black Blazer (Anne Klein II)
Sequin Top (Vintage)
Black Pants ( Macys)
Ankle Booties(Shoe Land)

Photo credits go to the Wonderful Manfriend!


Fashionista* said...

really cute outfit
love the combination of the sequins and the black blazer

The Paper Doll said...

I do quite like blazers and this one looks great on you!!

budget chic said...

Hey lady,

Great sequin top, you could rock that a couple of different ways. That a good investment piece!


hey hon,totally working the blazer.looks great on you.

K.L.R. (aka Kayleigh) said...

I think between the cut of the top & the addition of the blazer and more sedate trousers that this look totally works for day! And it looks smashing on you to boot :)

Sheila said...

You look awesome in this - now, THIS is how to do daytime sequins! Classic pieces with one outrageously funky piece - perfect.

Lol, I remember those tops from the 80s. I'm old...

Anonymous said...

Love the shirt - you wear sequins very very well!

Erica said...

You do more than get away with it--you look great! Your outfit makes us both smile. :)

The Stiletto Effect said...

great blazer! I love blazers too :)

MR style said...