Sunday- Jewelry, Rock and Bead Show

This was the outfit i wore to church, very casual for my usual taste. I decided to keep the outfit on for the art show simply because my father saw me and said, "You look nice" and being the corny daddy's girl that i am, i didn't change outfits like i originally intended. So for the show, i persuaded the Manfriend to come with me, even though it was freezing outside, and like the darling that he is, he came along.
This is what i wore:
Hat (H&M)
Blazer (Thrifted)
Sweater (F21)
Scarf (Thrifted)
Jeans (Macys)
Boots (GoJane)

Pictures from the Show

Look very closely at the pictures of the feast below!
All the foods are made of rocks. I can't imagine how much
time and effort was needed to look for these "food-like" rocks
to create this.

Photocredits: pic of me goes to my Manfriend. I took the remaining others.


a cat of impossible colour said...

You look very arty :)

Anonymous said...

wow look at all those necklaces and i luv the jeweled tree.Yes, i had to look close @ the food.i would've never guessed it to be all rocks...very creative.wish i could've went:)

Anonymous said...

Great outfit and the food looks so delicious!

WendyB said...

The "food" is amazing!

ShonaVixen said...

great look so fab!!!and the food...yummy

The Paper Doll said...

That food looks yummy...


lovely shots dear!you did look lovely as your Dad said :O)
also the jewellery is amazing,the rock looking food is AMAZING!!!

Katie said...

Wow! I pity da fool (hahah where did that come from!? LOL! RANDOM! ) who sits down and tries to eat that food!!


Anonymous said...

you always look soo chic! :)

& those pictures: the food is making me drool!

La C.

ps - I would love to exchange links with you! i just added you :)

Boutique Mix Fashion said...


*Lady D* said...

Andrea: Thank you, i think that was what i was going for :-)

Anon: It was really interesting!If i find exciting happenings, i'll post so that interested people can go :-) And thanks for stopping by !

Nadine:Thank you. and i think the food lookng delicious was what caught my attention.

WendyB: it really was!

ShonaVixen: Thank you! And i would have eaten some too. if it wasn't made of

Jen: lol.yeah, but teeth would have been sorry if you tried t eat some.

Marian: Thank you :-)

Katie: Haha!! I read that and laughed really loudly @ work.

La.C: Thank you, you are so sweet! and i linked you too.

Boutique Mix Fashion: Thank you! And thanks for stopping by :-)