Beads and Sequins

I think the title of this post pretty much sums up my outfit for today. I bought this dress to the chagrine of my younger sister who believed that this dress was too extravagant to be worn anywhere. But i caught a glimpse of the dress and fell in love. The meticulous beading, the extravagant sequins, in theory make quite an excessive combination and usually i would run from such a combo, but since i'm blinded by love this dress is absolutely fabulous .To tone down the glitzyness of this dress, being that i am going to work, i kept my accesories to a minimum and wore dark colors too.
I'm off to work for a bit, then i get to leave early (yay!) and go frolicking w/ my siblings.

What i wore:
Beret ( "borrowed" from the Manfriend)
Dress (Vintage)
Tights (Target)
Sweater (Proenza Schouler)
Shoes (Bakers)

Photocredits go to my the Awesome Lachmeister!


The Clothes Horse said...

I love the mix here. That beret is a great touch too.

Sheila said...

This is so pretty on you! I like how you've toned it down by adding the cardigan, but kept it chic with those awesome shoes (me want).

Anonymous said...

That dress is awesome! You did a great job and making it work for work.

Anchibride said...

That is such a gorgeous dress! Where did you find it? It looks awesome on you.

*Lady D* said...

The Clothes Horse: Thank you!

Sheila:Hehe. And they're surprisingly comfortable too. Thanks :-D

Kimberly: Thank you!

Anchibride: Thank you! I found it at a thriftstore...i love it!

Cat said...

I completely support the wearing of that fabulous dress to work. I think you did a great job of toning it down appropriately, but still letting the fantastic sequin design show through. I think that dress would also look great under a fitted vest.