I've found another button down shirt that i've fallen in love with. In my sister's closet. It soft and loose fitting enough to be comfortable. Since I have to go to work, i 'm dressed to be comfortable at my desk and i'll still be able to meet up w/ some friends after work without having to go home and change (ahem....fall asleep).

Because i'm wearing a bright red shirt, I looked up the meaning of colors. I 've always known that red is the color of the color of power and nobility. But i didn't know that the effect of red is supposed to be stimulating and appetizing. Or that the mere perception of red color enhances the human metabolism. Or that the negative connotation of the color red did not originate until the 1500's. Random but interesting .

I'm wearing :
faux leather jacket (Dots),
hat (H &M),
Shirt (Thrifted),
Jeans (Macys),
Bag (Target)

Photo credits go to the Manfriend.


Fashion Therapist said...

Oohh I like that shirt!!!


honey kudos to the manfriend for the great photos :O)
you look totally rocking in the red button down shirt,cool booties too girlfriend!
would love to swap linkies!
hope yopur having a super wknd honey & have a great holiday ok.
big kiss,

Sheila said...

Great shirt and booties!

Anonymous said...

I really like the shirt! It looks awesome with the blue jeans!

Anonymous said...

gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous, as per usual. those jeans look amazing on you!

La C.

Kasmira said...

More love for that great shirt!

a cat of impossible colour said...

I love your jacket!

The Clothes Horse said...

You look great--the shirt looks so comfortable and yet chic. I love color history. Blue has particularily cool associations.

Erica said...

You wear a hat better than anyone I know! Maybe your sister will forget the shirt is hers? ;)

K.L.R. (aka Kayleigh) said...

I think color meanings and the affect they have on us is SOOO interesting. And that shirt looks just too cute on you :)

*Lady D* said...

Fashion Therapist: Thank you :-D

Marian: Thank you! I'll pass on the compliment to the Manfriend

Sheila: Thank you!

Nadine: Thank you!

La C. :Thanks, you're the sweetest!

Kasmira: Thank you :-)

The Clothes Horse: Thank you! i'm really fascinated by color histories as well.

Erica: You totally made my day :-D and i was hoping that she would forget it was hers too.

Kayleigh: Thank you! :-D

CultureCynic said...

Hawt Hawt...the combo is killa.