Silver Lace!

If there was a right time to wear silver lace. I think today is the day.Being that its still holiday season, and today is the day before New Year's Eve, i figure its too early to break out the sequins and beading, but i still wanted to shine a bit. Hence, the silver skirt.

I found this strange but interesting skirt while thrifting on my lunch break a few weeks ago. It looked so out of place seating amidst numerous black and brown skirts. It seemed to be saying to me, "Take me home w/ you. You look like you could use a silver and lace skirt" and i thought to myself, "You know, i can use a silver skirt... i think i will take you home".

What i wore:
Black turtle neck (Macys)
Lace Skirt (Vintage)
Tights (layered -target)
Shoes (Bakers)
Necklace (Me!!)

Yes i'm dancing...i can't help myself...

Photo credits go to my bro Little One and my youngest sis Nimsta!
* i promise i was not trying to look smug, or channel the chin stroking Godfather as i did in the last pic. I was going for a "serious" look.


Fashion Therapist said...

The silver lace looks great on you and you're right it is a fitting time for it. :)

Anonymous said...

How could you say no to such a pretty skirt?! It looks great on you too. Also, love the necklace (not sure if I told you the other day or not). I will be making something similar soon!

Anonymous said...

You look awesome - I totally adore the silver and the black boots.

Anonymous said...

omgsh i adoreee that silver lace!! :)

La C.


very pretty skirt hun! love the silver lace.its perfect for this season look delish
wish you a great new darling.
marian xx

Anchibride said...

You find the best vintage clothes! I think this is a really great way to wear a silver skirt ... young and edgy yet chic and stylish too. Very cool.

Sheila said...

Chic as always! I love the silver skirt - you could totally dress it down with a jean jacket and motorcycle boots, too!

ANGiE said...

i am in love with this out fit!
and the skirt is lveoly ...i was going to ask where ou got it because i love it and want one like it...but... sadly i cannot because its vintage!

Trendy Gourmandise said...