No Sunlight

I'm off today, and sadly, the sun is refusing to shine.Weirdly, its unusually warm for this time of year. I awoke this morning to a warm 72 degrees, so i did what someone who's starved for warm weather would do on a day like this. I brought out my shorts. But knowing the city that i live in, and how the weather here randomly changes i also grabbed a blazer.
I'm hoping to finish the remainder of my X-mas shopping today. Somehow, i didn't realize that X-mas day is next week.
I opted out of participating in the office wide secret santa gift exchange at my job for some personal reasons, but i'm interested in knowing if anyone else is participating at their jobs and if so why, or why not.
On that note, i'm off to finish my shopping!!
What i wore:
Blazer (Thrifted)
Shirt (INC)
Shorts (Tommy Hilfiger)
Ankle Boots (GoJane)


Sheila said...

This is one look I definitely can't do! Ah, to be young. ;) You look fab, hon.

I participate in my department's Secret Santa exchange. There's about 12 of us who work together and we all get along really well -I have the best co-workers.

I look forward to seeing who I'll get and subtley pumping them for information on their likes and dislikes so that I can get them something cool.

I like that we spend a little time really thinking about each other. It makes me appreciate them all.

I've gotten some great gifts in the last few years: a picnic backpack, a book and a mixed CD, and a bottle of liqueur and some dark chocolate.

Erica said...

Shorts in December! That feels wrong...but they look great on you! Especially with the boots. It was warm and gloomy here today, too...I miss the sun!

Ashley said...

I just started reading your blog a few weeks ago and i must say i really like alot of the looks you put together and the way you incorporate your heritage into everything. also, i also live in atlanta and alot of the stores you make reference to I'm able to go to as well. thats an added bonus!

this year i'm not participating in the company christmas giveaway because its my son's first "real" christmas(he just turned 1) and im devoting most of my single mother money to him! They'll all cards though! :)

WendyB said...

Whoa! Nice legs.

Anchibride said...

This looks fantastic on you! This color pink is one of my favorites ... it was one of my wedding colors! ^_^ I love the combination of pink and teal you've done too.

*Lady D* said...

Sheila: lol. Thanks! i say you can, all you need is the right attitude. And thanks for the gift ideas for my coworkers.

Erica:haha,thank you! and the sun is still M.I.A

Ashley: First off, nice "meeting" you. I'm glad you like the blog. And i think its absolutely sweet that you will be celebrating you and your son's first christmas :-D

WendyB: So flattered, thank you :-D

Anchibride: Thank you so much. you're right, this color pink is really fun.