To the Ceiling

I've been aching to wear this skirt. Even though its been COLD and rainy these past few days. I didn't want to wear tights but i liked the look with the latex leggings, especially since its a warmer alternative. I like the cooler weather, but I'm sooo ready for some warm weather.Road Trip Maybe?


leggy said...

it sure works well.

VintageGoa said...

Layering your skirt with leather trousers looks great and works perfectly especially when it is cold ouside:)

BBB said...

looking good

seriously i cant wait to move abroad so i can start letting out my fashion cravings
if i dress like this in nigeria they will just be looking at me weird on d street

love it!!!!

Emilia said...

i like the boots!

Milan said...

Luv the whole styling of it all. You stay on point mama. :D