What's In Your Purse?

I've gotten a few requests to do a "what's in your school bag" post, as well as my tips for organization and studying.

Here you go: Inside the Big Blue Bag

I like having exciting and interesting things to look at, so I keep my school folders quite colorful. Now this may not apply to everybody, but I noticed that interesting folders and binders seem to beckon to me to open them and review their contents.

To stay organized, i write almost everything down. i carry a planner, a little booklet that holds my sticky notes for notes to myself or reading annotations when i study. The pink sequinned item in the middle is my wallet. And my ipod helps keep me sane.

This is basically my "make-up regimen" right there... if i can't put it on with one hand while driving to work, i probably won't own it. Bigelow lip balm,a loreal green eyeliner and mascara for days when i wanna look extra special...lol. I wear glasses in class.

And i always have a book in my school bag, along with a mints. And last but definitely not least...my blackberry..aka an extension of my right hand.

**As far as organization goes, my folders, sticky notes and planner keep me pretty organized. I make a ton of lists...for example, i have a daily goal list, of things that i have to/want to do for each day.

**And as far as studying goes, these 2 tips haven't let me down yet:
1. Look over the material BEFORE i go to class. it gives an idea of what to expect in class and that way, i'm prepared with questions that help me better understand what the material.

2. Embrace notecards. While reading over the material for my classes, i usually make notes on note cards. It makes the material more memorable as i'm reading it and writing it as well. And its easier to study because i already have incredibly portable notes to refer back to.


Maria@chicisimo said...

Oh my gosh! You are so organized!! I love it, because I am a total disaster. I always was, even in college! Even when I try to be organized, I don't know how to begin. It's great to have a method :D!
Happy 2010!!

Farrielle Design and Fashionista said...

Love it ,you are super organized, proud of you girl.

leggy said...

i always have icebreakers too...a must.
u seem like a super organised person.

Corie said...

I'm a very organized person as well...it's funny because my daughter calls me OCD instead of mom...so not funny! There's nothing wrong with organization.

*Diane* said...

Maria: Getting organized is the easy part. Staying organized for me is another story

Farrielle: Thank you!!

Leggy: I try to be organized when it comes to my school and work because if not i am guaranteed to lose things. My room...completely different story because i'll turn my room inside out looking for a pair of socks..lol

*Diane* said...

Corie: lol.i agree, i'm working on STAYING organized

Pearls and PeepToes said...

arggh! I have a post waiting in my drafts about what's in my bag! Great minds! I think I'll post mine today.

Myne Whitman said...

Your bag seems very neat, mine is in shambles LOL...Nice post.

BBB said...

i love this post,
think i would do it soon
very organized back,
i always have a not for jotting stuff down too

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for sharing this post with us. I am so good in the beginning but as soon as a wrench is thrown in my plans and I didn't write it down. I'm all over the place again. I have note books up the yin-yang with the first have filled and the other end completely blank.

THEBYBLE said...

i luv the glasses.

bombsup! said...

I love those folders. I have to keep mines colorful too ! Love your blog