11 hours

This was my outfit for my first day back to school. And i spent 11hours... yes 11 hours at school.Sigh... and that's how my mondays will go from now on. Don't worry, to counter the seriousness of school, i'll be going to an art cafe to hang out from now on.
Its funny, i spent a lot of time, with so much to do. Always on the go, either to classes or to work. Now i have a little more time and i'm at a loss for what to do with myself... i'm definitely going to enjoy it though.
As for my outfit...11 hours. Nuff said. I had to be extremely comfy.And my coat is another purchase from TJMaxx.

Coat- TJMaxx, Shirt-F21, Jeans-Macys, Boots and school bag-Target and pashmina-gift

Photo credits go to the Lachmeister!!


Milan said...

Luv the bag and the color of it. Thanks to you, I now have an obsession with different color tights. I got a grey pair of thick tights since it's frigid here in Ny and thought of you. Lol. Glad you're enjoying your extra free time. You deserve it!

Taleia said...

I know what you mean - I'm another person who has always had a crazy-busy life... now I have lots of time and I don't know what to do!

Vera Ezimora said...

Oh, wow!!

Looking hawt, babe. I wish I had the time to dress up everyday. lol.

Way to go. 11 hours or not.

leggy said...

i agree wuth vera, i always have intentions of dressing up but i never do.

Gemma Wade said...

i love this!
casual chic :D